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Report 008 - August 26, 2016

From the first prototype deployment on the CMS testbed I received a large amount of useful feedback. I summarize this below and also indicate the steps I have already taken to address each issue.

Dynamic Timeframe and Timeframe Picker

The timeframe picker needed a number of improvements. They are all implemented now.

Timeframe picker

  • The timeframe input now adapts the same style as other active scope filters.

  • The initial timeframe now defaults to the last seven days.

  • The timeframe picker offers a number of reasonable choices in addition to custom ranges.

  • The timeframe is constrained to the available data in the performance database. Only valid dates can be chosen in the picker. User input is validated and constrained if necessary.

  • The timeframe picker and all other UI elements now present dates formatted according to the user's locale.

  • Buttons to navigate months in the timeframe picker now appear correctly.

  • Browser-provided date pickers do not interfere with the timeframe picker anymore.

  • I do not intend to address performance issues that may occur from selecting a large timeframe by restricting the timeframe selection through the UI. I will instead address performance issues serverside, presumably by an appropriate choice of data granularity in the database.

Scope UI

  • In the context of a chosen scope, I added information on the number of jobs the scope matches, as well as their exact timeframe:

    Scope description

  • Since distinct workflow and task values are unbound and can exceed reasonable numbers very quickly, I removed their corresponding suggestions from their scope filter inputs.

Regular expressions in scope filters

  • Users can now enter a regular expression instead of a specific value for any scope filter:

    Regex filters

Responsive layout for large screens

  • The visualizations are now arranged in a responsive column layout to make better use of large screens:

    Responsive layout (large)

    The layout adjusts the number of columns according to the size of the viewport.


  • Implemented a heatmap visualization that replaces the grid of pie charts for a large number of data points:


    Currently, the default visualization for all metrics and axes except time series adjusts to the number of data points. It shows horizontal bar charts for a small number of data points, switches to a grid of pie charts for more data points and resorts to a heatmap for a large number of data points:

    Responsive visualization

    I may reconsider this approach and decide for a type of visualization depending on the chosen axis, e.g. always present hosts as bar charts, sites as pie charts and workflows as a heatmap.

  • Added a minimum size for pie charts.

  • When a visualization fails to fetch its data it now displays an appropriate error.

  • Implement legends for visualizations.

  • Fix overlong labels overlapping each other in pie charts.

  • Decide for a sorting behaviour of data points in a visualization and implement a corresponding user interface if necessary.

  • Decide for an ordering behaviour of visualizations in the UI.

  • Implement human-readable formatting for null values.

  • Display exit codes in human-readable format (documentation necessary, see WMArchive issue #216).

  • Decide for the set of metrics available in the UI and implement their formatting (documentation necessary, see WMArchive issue #216). All performance metrics provided by FWJRs are already aggregated in the database and available through the data/performance API endpoint.


  • Added information on the aggregation query time to each visualization:

    Query time

  • Investigate aggregation performance depending on temporal data granularity in the database. Setup an aggregation strategy that maintains appropriately coarse performance data in the database.


  • Add functionality to share specific visualizations, e.g. via URL