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Master thesis in Physics


  • Title: Cosmological closure of metric and area-metric ideal fluids
  • Author: Nils Leif Fischer
  • Submission date: Dec 5, 2017
  • Supervisors: Prof. Björn M. Schäfer (Center for Astronomy Heidelberg) and Dr. Frederic P. Schuller (University Erlangen-Nürnberg)
  • Abstract: To shed some light on the construction of physically viable gravity theories, I employ the gravitational closure framework to investigate a cosmology that is not a priori based on a metric but assumes an area-metric spacetime geometry that arises from the most general linear theory of electrodynamics. To this end, I develop a symmetry reduction procedure to find, for the first time, an exact non-metric solution of the gravitational closure framework under cosmological symmetries. I investigate cosmological sources of gravity and construct an area-metric description of ideal fluids. I conclude by illustrating that, even though we cannot rely on metric concepts such as a metric line-element or a Levi-Civita connection to begin with, we can recover all required notions, such as light rays and observers, that allow us to conduct cosmological observations.
  • Full text: Digital version

Supplementary Mathematica Notebooks

Using the LaTeX style for your thesis

  • Just drop the thesis.cls file into your project folder and begin your document with \documentclass{thesis}. See the msc-thesis.tex file for an example. Then, you can adjust everything in the thesis.cls file to your needs.

  • Typeset the document with the XeLaTeX typesetting engine and the Biber bibliography processor (recommended).

  • Adjust the following documentclass options to produce appropriate digital and print versions of the document:

    • digital / print primarily toggles link coloring
    • oneside / twoside layouts page headers and footers accordingly
    • openright / openleft / openany adjusts positioning of title page and chapter beginnings in twosided layout
  • If necessary for binding, adjust the page offset:

  • You may need to change the fonts specified in thesis.cls to ones installed on your system.

  • When you include plots in your document, use vector file formats instead of pixel graphics. Have a look at my TexFig repository to see how to generate PGF vector plots with Python's Matplotlib that look great in your LaTeX document.


My master thesis in physics on gravitational theory



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