BVS-Modules, computer vision add-ons for BVS.
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  • AndroidCV: Display module for the android client.
  • CalibrationCV: Calibrate cameras (nodes), currently only extrinsic and intrinsic calibration for a stereo camera setup is supported.
  • CaptureCV: Common capture/conversion module, provides access to streams from attached cameras as well as image/video conversions.
  • Duo3D: Wrapper for the DUO3D camera device, requires the DUO libraries.
  • ExampleCV: Example of how to use the framework.
  • FlowerBoxReader: Provides serialized access to the flowerbox dataset.
  • GPSParser: Parses NMEA text format data from GPS receivers.
  • KinectXLite: Manuel Martinez's header only Kinect driver.
  • OpenNIXLite: Manuel Martinez's header only OpenNI wrapper [requires OpenNI2].
  • StereoCVCUDA: Wrapper for OpenCV's CUDA stereo capabilities.
  • StereoELAS: Wrapper for Andreas Geiger's excellent libELAS stereo library.
  • WebStreamer: Small MJPEG web(socket) stream to view on a browser, built upon Manuel Martinez's awesome uSnippets.
  • ZedCapture: Wrapper for Stereolabs ZED camera devices, requires the ZED-SDK.


Modules ending in or containing CV use OpenCV for their core functionality. Most, if not all, modules use OpenCV's cv::Mat for passing data (images) around.


StereoELAS uses Andreas Geiger's libELAS ( It is provided under its own licence, which can be found in StereoELAS/elas/LICENSE.TXT. KinectXLite and OpenNIXLite are licensed under LGPLv3 (