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LDPartEditor - The LDraw™ Part Editor

"Create and edit LDraw™ Parts quick and easy."

This repository contains the full sourcecode of "LDPartEditor" (further referred to as LDPE). LDPE aims to be the platform independent LEGO® CAD tool for LDraw™ parts. You can find a user manual and wiki here. The manual does not cover all official LDraw specifications which were ratified by the LDraw Standards Commitee. If you want to start from the beginning, you should probably read the specifications first and gather some experience from the community forums to get started. Becoming famliar with "part authoring", the creation of parts, is just like playing an instrument: it is a matter of talent, time and effort.

If you want to contact me, please create an issue here. I will try to address your request as fast as possible, but keep in mind, that I am doing it as a hobby.

LDPartEditor was not developed by the LDraw™ organization itself. The development process was planned and excecuted by myself as a hobby. I am now a professional software developer and discovered randomly on the net in the past. I left my Dark Ages in 2009 when I used the LDraw™ System of Tools for the first time. Later on, I missed nearly all the patterned parts from my favourite space theme "UFO" (1997–1998). I decided to built them all alone with a complex toolchain involving a commercial 3D editor from a Gaming-IDE, MLCAD, SlicerPro and the LDDesignPad. While I progressed on my apprenticeship as a software developer, I invented the LD Pattern Creator, which is now used by LDraw™ part authors to create virtual representations of patterned LEGO® parts. The development of LD Pattern Creator is still ongoing. In contrast to LDPE, the pattern creator supports only 2D edit and is not 100% compliant to the LDraw™ File Format Specification for Part Files.

The program is licensed under the "MIT License" which gives you the freedom to do almost anything with it. I wrote not the whole application. A small amount of code was written by other people. These people were so kind to distribute it under loose conditions. I want to speak my best wishes to: Philippe "Philo" Hurbain, Michael Hoffer, L. Paul Chew, Luca Carettoni and Matthias Mann.

LDraw™ is an open standard for LEGO® CAD.

LEGO® is a trademark of the LEGO® Group of companies which does not sponsor, authorize or endorse this application. LEGO has its own homepage:


The LDraw™ Part Editor. Create and edit LDraw™ Parts quick and easy.





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