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You can utilize GCMS to store all your strings in a well organized Google Speadsheet. This not only keeps your templates from getting messed by too much contents but also enables others to easily manage the contents of your project.

Here you can find the Spreadsheet used for the example.

How to


	$gcms = new Nivo\GCMS();

	// Assign A Custom Storage Folder For The Cached Contents
	$gcms->storage = __DIR__ . "/storage/gcms/";

	// Get The Contents Of The Two Worksheets
	$sheet1 = $gcms->getContents('cachefile-sheet1.txt', '1uZY1LNd4id-l8DElqVMQoam24HK1rGDwKXZEfr_0FbI', 0);
	$sheet2 = $gcms->getContents('cachefile-sheet2.txt', '1uZY1LNd4id-l8DElqVMQoam24HK1rGDwKXZEfr_0FbI', 134327007);"
  • $sheet1 now contains all contents assigned in the first worksheet.
  • $sheet2 now contains all contents assigned in the second worksheet.