Java-based sample application demonstrating ATDD
Java Shell
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ATDD Sample Application bwerter

A simple sample application demonstration ATDD.

  • start-db starts a H2 database service on port 9092. Hit Ctrl-C to stop the service.
  • start-jetty starts a Jetty web server on port 8080. Hit Ctrl-C to stop the service.

You can also run the integration tests with Maven by activating the spec profile:

mvn -P spec clean integration-test

Start up and shut down of the H2 and Jetty server is handled by jetty-maven-plugin and exec-maven-plugin and should work with your CI server.

If you wish to deploy to CloudFoundry, follow these steps:

  • mvn clean package
  • cd target; vmc push [application name]

Make sure to configure a MySQL service for the application.