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A set of Midje checkers for stating facts about HTML code
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About midje-html-checkers

This is a set of checkers for the Midje test framework for stating facts about HTML code. The checkers' implementation is based on the Enlive templating library.

You can use midje-html-checkers by adding the folloing dependency to your project.clj:

[midje-html-checkers "1.0.1"]

At the moment, midje-html-checkers provides the generic checkers at-any, at-every and number-of, which can be used in conjunction with node predicates:

(use 'midje-html-checkers.core)
    "<p>Hello World!</p><p>Nothing here<p/>" => (at-any [:p] (has-text #"Nothing.*"))
    "<p class='a'>A</p><p class='b'>B</p>" =not=> (at-every [:p] (has-attr :class "a"))
    "<ul><li>1</li><li>2</li></ul>" => (number-of [:li] #(= % 2))))

You can build your own checkers with generic-html-checker. Have a look at the predifined checkers' source for details.

Also feel free to suggest checkers you would find useful.

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