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Aporia's Todo list

Version 0.1.3

  • Find all references
  • Save the last opened tab.
  • Test on Windows.
  • Language list in menu.
  • When you select a word, the same words in the doc should be highlighted.
  • Font settings for output text view.

Other language features

  • Ability to pick other syntax highlighting
  • Ability to change to hard tabs.
  • Per file type space vs tab settings and indent width. Also languages should have sane defaults.
  • Detect what indentation is being used in a file that has been opened.
    • Shortest distance from beginning of line to non-whitespace (or EOL) should be the space width.
    • If there are tabs at the beginning of a line then the indentation is tabs.
    • If there are no tabs and there are spaces then spaces.


  • Make sure suggest dialog gets moved up if we're at the bottom of the screen
  • UI shouldn't freeze when opening large files.
  • Fix other encodings. (Selection for encodings like in gedit)
  • Fix drag and drop of files onto Notebook.
  • When you select a word, the same words should be highlighted in the document.
  • Find all.
  • Different editing modes - html, xml, etc. (These should make editing these particular things easier.)
  • Track history of file. When you edit and then undo the file should not be marked as being unsaved.
  • Use threads when executing the compiler.
  • Read cmd line args to check for file paths.
  • Finish the suggest feature.
  • Project management.
  • Ability to split vertically into two separate tab views.
  • Useful ways to find functions:
    • Find me all functions that return TypeX
    • Find me all functions that take TypeX as first param.
    • Find me all functions that take TypeX as any param.
    • etc.
  • Variable inspection in the editor; being able to hover over a variable and see its type
    • This requires better Nimrod compiler integration!
  • It should be easier to close the bottom panel. Add an X button.
  • Syntax highlighting selection
  • Detection of files being edited outside of aporia.
  • Fix VPaned after that change to
  • docking with
  • minimum mode -- look at screenshots dir
  • When compiling an unsaved file, make it saved on the frontend. So that when i'm editing it further I can press Ctrl + S without getting angry.
  • If search term is misspelled, try to find something close to it and color the textbox orange but do go to it.
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