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08/06/2016 - Version 0.4.1

This is a hot fix release which fixes compilation on case sensitive file systems.

08/06/2016 - Version 0.4.0

This release has been long overdue. It may surprise you to see the high jump in version number, this is because the Nim installer bundled a "fake" version 0.3.0 up until now.

There are many changes between the last release and this one. Some of them are outlined below. A big change for this release is the inclusion of an icon and a Mac OS X build.

  • Tabs can now be reordered.
  • Close button can now only be shown on the selected tab. (This is configurable)
  • Error list.
  • Many bug fixes for handling of processes.
  • Aporia is now a single instance application. This means you can easily open documents from the file manager and it will open in the same aporia window. (Compile with -d:noSingleInstance to disable this behaviour)
  • Scrolling when restoring a session finally works.
  • Added 'piekno' and 'yumbum' (Created by fowl) color schemes.
  • 'piekno' is now the default color scheme.
  • Pragmas can now be colored using the "nimrod:pragma" style name.
  • Whole blocks and lines of code can now be commented using Ctrl + /.
  • Tabs and two consecutive underscores are now highlighted as errors when using the Nimrod syntax highlighter.
  • Recent file list in File menu.
  • Fixed a bug where double clicking on the tabs/scrollbar caused a new tab to be opened.
  • Opening documents which are non-utf8 now works, aporia prompts the user for the encoding.
  • Improved status bar; when text is selected the status bar now reports the amount of lines/characters that are selected.
  • Fixed a bug where Save As did not properly change the syntax highlighting of the file.
  • Syntax highlighting can now be changed by going to View -> Syntax Highlighting.
  • Aporia's config file can now be opened in Aporia easily through the Edit menu.
  • Suggest and Go to definition is now executed asynchronously.
  • Fixed a bug where Style insensitive search does not find tabulators.
  • Fixed a bug where searching backwards may skip to the end of the file instead of matching a term at the top of the file.
  • When searching, all occurrences in the document of your search will now be highlighted.
  • When you select text all occurrences of the selected text will now be highlighted.
  • You are now notified when search wraps around the end of the file through the status bar.
  • Compiling an unsaved file now saves it to /tmp. Aporia will warn you about any files which are saved in /tmp with a red *. Old behaviour can be restored by changing the compileUnsavedSave option in the config, more info in SettingsDoc.markdown.
  • Tooltip improvements: tab's language is displayed as well as other information.
  • Settings are now seperated into two files: and The latter contains settings which should not be edited as they might be overwritten when Aporia is closed (last session info, window width/height etc.). The former can be edited.