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# Aporia - Nim IDE
# (c) Copyright 2011 Dominik Picheta
# See the file "copying.txt", included in this
# distribution, for details about the copyright.
# Stdlib imports:
import gtk2, gtksourceview, glib2, pango, osproc, streams, asyncio, strutils
import tables, os, dialogs, pegs
from gdk2 import TRectangle, intersect, TColor, colorParse, TModifierType
# Local imports:
from CustomStatusBar import PCustomStatusBar, TStatusID
import AboutDialog
TAutoSettings* = object # Settings which should not be set by the user manually
search*: TSearchEnum # Search mode.
wrapAround*: bool # Whether to wrap the search around.
winMaximized*: bool # Whether the MainWindow is maximized on startup
VPanedPos*: int32 # Position of the VPaned, which splits
# the sourceViewTabs and bottomPanelTabs
winWidth*, winHeight*: int32 # The size of the window.
recentlyOpenedFiles*: seq[string] # paths of recently opened files
lastSelectedTab*: string # The tab filename that was selected when aporia was last closed.
bottomPanelVisible*: bool # Whether the bottom panel is shown
TGlobalSettings* = object
selectHighlightAll*: bool # Whether to highlight all occurrences upon selection
searchHighlightAll*: bool # Whether to highlight all occurrences of the currently searched text
font*: string # font used by the sourceview
outputFont*: string # font used by the output textview
colorSchemeID*: string # color scheme used by the sourceview
indentWidth*: int32 # how many spaces used for indenting code (in sourceview)
showLineNumbers*: bool # whether to show line numbers in the sourceview
highlightMatchingBrackets*: bool # whether to highlight matching brackets
rightMargin*: bool # Whether to show the right margin
highlightCurrentLine*: bool # Whether to highlight the current line
autoIndent*: bool # Whether to automatically indent
toolBarVisible*: bool # Whether the top panel is shown
suggestFeature*: bool # Whether the suggest feature is enabled
compileUnsavedSave*: bool # Whether compiling unsaved files will make them appear saved in the front end.
compileSaveAll*: bool # Whether compiling will save all opened unsaved files
nimCmd*: string # command template to use to exec the Nim compiler
customCmd1*: string # command template to use to exec a custom command
customCmd2*: string # command template to use to exec a custom command
customCmd3*: string # command template to use to exec a custom command
singleInstancePort*: int32 # Port used for listening socket to get filepaths
showCloseOnAllTabs*: bool # Whether to show a close btn on all tabs.
nimPath*: string # Path to the nim compiler
wrapMode*: gtk2.TWrapMode # source view wrap mode.
scrollPastBottom*: bool # Whether to scroll past bottom.
singleInstance*: bool # Whether the program runs as single instance.
restoreTabs*: bool # Whether the program loads the tabs from the last session
activateErrorTabOnErrors*: bool # Whether the Error list tab will be shown when an error ocurs
keyCommentLines*: ShortcutKey
keyDeleteLine*: ShortcutKey
keyDuplicateLines*: ShortcutKey
keyQuit*: ShortcutKey
keyNewFile*: ShortcutKey
keyOpenFile*: ShortcutKey
keySaveFile*: ShortcutKey
keySaveFileAs*: ShortcutKey
keySaveAll*: ShortcutKey
keyUndo*: ShortcutKey
keyRedo*: ShortcutKey
keyCloseCurrentTab*: ShortcutKey
keyCloseAllTabs*: ShortcutKey
keyFind*: ShortcutKey
keyReplace*: ShortcutKey
keyFindNext*: ShortcutKey
keyFindPrevious*: ShortcutKey
keyGoToLine*: ShortcutKey
keyGoToDef*: ShortcutKey
keyToggleBottomPanel*: ShortcutKey
keyCompileCurrent*: ShortcutKey
keyCompileRunCurrent*: ShortcutKey
keyCompileProject*: ShortcutKey
keyCompileRunProject*: ShortcutKey
keyStopProcess*: ShortcutKey
keyRunCustomCommand1*: ShortcutKey
keyRunCustomCommand2*: ShortcutKey
keyRunCustomCommand3*: ShortcutKey
keyRunCheck*: ShortcutKey
ShortcutKey* = object
keyval*: guint
state*: guint
MainWin* = object
# Widgets
w*: gtk2.PWindow
suggest*: TSuggestDialog
nimLang*: PSourceLanguage
scheme*: PSourceStyleScheme # color scheme the sourceview is meant to use
sourceViewTabs*: PNotebook # Tabs which hold the sourceView
statusBar*: PCustomStatusBar
infobar*: PInfoBar ## For encoding selection
toolBar*: PToolBar # \
# FIXME: should be notebook?
bottomPanelTabs*: PNotebook
outputTextView*: PTextView
errorListWidget*: PTreeView
findBar*: PHBox # findBar
findEntry*: PEntry
replaceEntry*: PEntry
replaceLabel*: PLabel
replaceBtn*: PButton
replaceAllBtn*: PButton
goLineBar*: TGoLineBar
FileMenu*: PMenu
viewToolBarMenuItem*: PMenuItem # view menu
viewBottomPanelMenuItem*: PMenuItem # view menu
tabs*: seq[Tab] # Other
tempStuff*: Temp # Just things to remember. TODO: Rename to `other' ?
autoSettings*: TAutoSettings
globalSettings*: TGlobalSettings
oneInstSock*: PAsyncSocket
IODispatcher*: PDispatcher
TSuggestDialog* = object
dialog*: gtk2.PWindow
treeView*: PTreeView
items*: seq[TSuggestItem] ## Visible items (In the treeview)
allItems*: seq[TSuggestItem] ## All items found in current context.
shown*: bool
gotAll*: bool # Whether all suggest items have been read.
currentFilter*: string
tooltip*: gtk2.PWindow
tooltipLabel*: PLabel
TExecMode* = enum
ExecNim, ExecRun, ExecCustom
PExecOptions* = ref TExecOptions
TExecOptions* = object
command*: string
workDir*: string
mode*: TExecMode
output*: bool
onLine*: proc (win: var MainWin, opts: PExecOptions, line: string) {.closure.}
onExit*: proc (win: var MainWin, opts: PExecOptions, exitcode: int) {.closure.}
runAfterSuccess*: bool # If true, ``runAfter`` will only be ran on success.
runAfter*: PExecOptions
TExecThrTaskType* = enum
ThrRun, ThrStop
TExecThrTask* = object
case typ*: TExecThrTaskType
of ThrRun:
command*: string
workDir*: string
of ThrStop: nil
TExecThrEventType* = enum
EvStarted, EvRecv, EvStopped
TExecThrEvent* = object
case typ*: TExecThrEventType
of EvStarted:
p*: PProcess
of EvRecv:
line*: string
of EvStopped:
exitCode*: int
Temp = object
lastSaveDir*: string # Last saved directory/last active directory
stopSBUpdates*: bool
currentExec*: PExecOptions # nil if nothing is being executed.
compileSuccess*: bool
execThread*: TThread[void]
execProcess*: PProcess
idleFuncId*: int32
progressStatusID*: TStatusID
lastProgressPulse*: float
errorMsgStarted*: bool
compilationErrorBuffer*: string # holds error msg if it spans multiple lines.
errorList*: seq[TError]
gotDefinition*: bool
autoComplete*: AutoComplete
recentFileMenuItems*: seq[PMenuItem] # Menu items to be destroyed.
lastTab*: int # For reordering tabs, the last tab that was selected.
commentSyntax*: tuple[line: string, blockStart: string, blockEnd: string]
pendingFilename*: string # Filename which could not be opened due to encoding.
plMenuItems*: tables.TTable[string, tuple[mi: PCheckMenuItem, id: string]]
stopPLToggle*: bool
currentToggledLang*: string # ID of the currently active pl
Tab* = ref object
buffer*: PSourceBuffer
sourceView*: PSourceView
label*: PLabel
closeBtn*: PButton # This is so that the close btn is only shown on selected tabs.
filename*: string
highlighted*: THighlightAll
spbInfo*: tuple[lastUpper, value: float] # Scroll past bottom info
lineEnding*: TLineEnding
TSuggestItem* = object
nodeType*, name*, nimType*, file*, nmName*, docs*: string
line*, col*: int32
TSearchEnum* = enum
SearchCaseSens, SearchCaseInsens, SearchStyleInsens, SearchRegex, SearchPeg
TGoLineBar* = object
bar*: PHBox
entry*: PEntry
TErrorType* = enum
TETError, TETWarning
TError* = object
kind*: TErrorType
desc*, file*, line*, column*: string
TEncodingsAvailable* = enum
UTF8 = "UTF-8", ISO88591 = "ISO-8859-1", GB2312 = "GB2312",
Windows1251 = "Windows-1251", UTF16BE = "UTF-16BE", UTF16LE = "UTF-16LE"
TLineEnding* = enum
leAuto = "Unknown", leLF = "LF", leCR = "CR", leCRLF = "CRLF"
THighlightAll* = object
isHighlighted*: bool
text*: string # What is currently being highlighted in this tab
forSearch*: bool # Whether highlightedText is done as a result of a search.
idleID*: int32
AutoComplete* = ref object
thread*: TThread[void]
sockThread*: TThread[void]
taskRunning*, nimSuggestRunning*: bool
onSugLine*: proc (line: string) {.closure.}
onSugExit*: proc (exit: int) {.closure.}
onSugError*: proc (error: string) {.closure.}
# -- Debug
proc echod*(s: varargs[string, `$`]) =
when not defined(release) and system.appType != "gui":
for i in items(s): stdout.write(i)
# -- Useful TextView functions.
proc createColor*(textView: PTextView, name, color: string): PTextTag =
# This function makes sure that the color is created only once.
var tagTable = textView.getBuffer().getTagTable()
result = tagTable.tableLookup(name)
if result == nil:
result = textView.getBuffer().createTag(name, "foreground", color, nil)
proc removeTag*(buffer: PTextBuffer, name: string): bool =
## Removes a TextTag from ``buffer`` with the name of ``name``.
## Returns whether tag was removed.
var tagTable = buffer.getTagTable()
var tag = tagTable.tableLookup(name)
if tag == nil: return false
return true
proc getTag*(buffer: PTextBuffer, name: string): PTextTag =
## Gets tag with ``name``. Return nil if it does not exist.
return buffer.getTagTable().tableLookup(name)
proc addText*(textView: PTextView, text: string,
colorTag: PTextTag = nil, scroll: bool = true) =
if text != nil:
var iter: TTextIter
if colorTag == nil:
textView.getBuffer().insert(addr(iter), text, int32(len(text)))
textView.getBuffer().insertWithTags(addr(iter), text, len(text).int32, colorTag,
if scroll:
var endMark = textView.getBuffer().getMark("endMark")
# Yay! With the use of marks; scrolling always occurs!
textView.scrollToMark(endMark, 0.0, false, 0.0, 1.0)
proc forceScrollToInsert*(win: var MainWin, tabIndex: int32 = -1) =
## Uses an idle proc to make sure that the SourceView scrolls. This is quite
## effective when the sourceview has just been initialised.
var current = -1
if tabIndex != -1: current = tabIndex
else: current = win.sourceViewTabs.getCurrentPage()
var mark = win.tabs[current].buffer.getInsert()
win.tabs[current].sourceView.scrollToMark(mark, 0.25, false, 0.0, 0.0)
# TODO: What if I remove the tab, while this is happening, segfault because
# sourceview is gone? The likelihood of this happening is probably very unlikely
# though.
proc idleConfirmScroll(sv: PSourceView): gboolean {.cdecl.} =
result = false
var buff = sv.getBuffer()
var insertMark = buff.getInsert()
var insertIter: TTextIter
buff.getIterAtMark(addr(insertIter), insertMark)
var insertLoc: gdk2.TRectangle
sv.getIterLocation(addr(insertIter), addr(insertLoc))
var rect: gdk2.TRectangle
# Now check whether insert iter is inside the visible rect.
# Width has to be higher than 0
if insertLoc.width <= 0: insertLoc.width = 1
let inside = intersect(addr(rect), addr(insertLoc), nil)
if not inside:
sv.scrollToMark(insertMark, 0.25, false, 0.0, 0.0)
return true
discard gIdleAdd(idleConfirmScroll, win.tabs[current].sourceview)
proc scrollToInsert*(win: var MainWin, tabIndex: int32 = -1) =
var current = -1
if tabIndex != -1: current = tabIndex
else: current = win.sourceViewTabs.getCurrentPage()
var mark = win.tabs[current].buffer.getInsert()
win.tabs[current].sourceView.scrollToMark(mark, 0.25, false, 0.0, 0.0)
proc findTab*(win: var MainWin, filename: string, absolute: bool = true): int =
for i in
if absolute:
if win.tabs[i].filename == filename:
return i
if win.tabs[i].filename.extractFilename == filename:
return i
elif win.tabs[i].filename == "" and filename == ("a" & $i & ".nim"):
return i
return -1
# -- TreeIter functions
proc moveToEndLine*(iter: PTextIter) =
## Moves ``iter`` to the end of the current line.
## This guarantees that the iter will stay on the same line.
## Unlike gtk2's ``forwardToLineEnd``
var currentLine = iter.getLine()
discard iter.forwardToLineEnd()
if currentLine != iter.getLine():
# This will only happen if iter is on an empty line. We can safely return
# to its first char, because there is no more chars on that line.
# -- Useful TreeView function
proc createTextColumn*(tv: PTreeView, title: string, column: int,
expand = false, foregroundColorColumn: gint = -1, visible = true) =
## Creates a new Text column.
var c = treeViewColumnNew()
var renderer = cellRendererTextNew()
c.columnPackStart(renderer, expand)
c.column_add_attribute(renderer, "text", column.gint)
c.column_add_attribute(renderer, "foreground", foregroundColorColumn)
doAssert tv.appendColumn(c) == column+1
# -- Useful ListStore functions
proc add*(ls: PListStore, val: string, col = 0) =
var iter: TTreeIter
ls.set(addr(iter), col, val, -1)
# -- Useful Menu functions
proc createAccelMenuItem*(toolsMenu: PMenu, accGroup: PAccelGroup,
label: string, acc: guint,
action: proc (i: PMenuItem, p: pointer) {.cdecl.},
mask: TModifierType = accelerator_get_default_mod_mask(),
stockid: string = "") =
var result: PMenuItem
if stockid != "":
result = imageMenuItemNewFromStock(stockid, nil)
result = menu_item_new(label)
if accelerator_valid(acc, mask):
result.addAccelerator("activate", accGroup, acc, mask, ACCEL_VISIBLE)
discard signal_connect(result, "activate", SIGNAL_FUNC(action), nil)
proc createMenuItem*(menu: PMenu, label: string,
action: proc (i: PMenuItem, p: pointer) {.cdecl.}) =
var result = menuItemNew(label)
discard signalConnect(result, "activate", SIGNALFUNC(action), nil)
proc createImageMenuItem*(menu: PMenu, stockid: string,
action: proc (i: PMenuItem, p: pointer) {.cdecl.}) =
var result = imageMenuItemNewFromStock(stockid, nil)
discard signalConnect(result, "activate", SIGNALFUNC(action), nil)
proc createSeparator*(menu: PMenu) =
var sep = separator_menu_item_new()
# -- Window functions
proc forcePresent*(w: PWindow) =
proc idleConfirmPresent(y: PWindow): gboolean {.cdecl.} =
result = not y.isActive()
if not w.isActive():
discard gIdleAdd(idleConfirmPresent, w)
# -- Others
proc getCurrentTab*(win: var MainWin): int =
result = win.sourceViewTabs.getCurrentPage()
if result < 0:
result = 0
proc findProjectFile*(directory: string): tuple[projectFile, projectCfg: string] =
## Finds the .nim project file in ``directory``.
# Find project file
var configFiles: seq[string] = @[]
for cfgFile in walkFiles(directory / "*.nim.cfg"):
let projectCfgFile = if configFiles.len != 1: "" else: configFiles[0]
var projectFile = projectCfgFile[0 .. ^8]
if not existsFile(projectFile):
projectFile = ""
return (projectFile, projectCfgFile)
proc isTemporary*(t: Tab): bool =
## Determines whether ``t`` is saved in /tmp
return t.filename.startsWith(getTempDir())
proc saved*(t: Tab): bool =
## Determines Tab's saved state,
assert(not t.buffer.isNil)
return not t.buffer.getModified()
proc `saved=`*(t: Tab, b: bool) =
assert(not t.buffer.isNil)
t.buffer.setModified(not b)
proc detectLineEndings*(text: string): TLineEnding =
var i = 0
while true:
case text[i]
of '\L':
return leLF
of '\c':
if text[i + 1] == '\L': return leCRLF
else: return leCR
if text[i] == '\0': return leAuto
proc srepr(le: TLineEnding, auto: string): string =
case le
of leLF: "\L"
of leCR: "\C"
of leCRLF: "\c\L"
of leAuto: auto
proc normalize*(le: TLineEnding, text: string): string =
## Normalizes newlines and strips trailing whitespace.
result = ""
var i = 0
while true:
case text[i]
of ' ', '\t':
# peek and see if a newline follows:
var j = i+1
while text[j] in {' ', '\t'}: inc j
if text[j] in {'\L', '\C'}: i = j-1
else: result.add text[i]
of '\L':
of '\C':
if text[i + 1] == '\L':
of '\0': return
result.add text[i]
proc addExtraNL*(le: TLineEnding, text: var string) =
const defaultLE = "\L"
let sle = srepr(le, defaultLE)
if not text.endswith(sle):
# -- Programming Language handling
proc getCurrentLanguage*(win: var MainWin, pageNum: int = -1): string =
## Returns the current language ID.
## ``""`` is returned if there is no syntax highlighting for the current doc.
var currentPage = pageNum
if currentPage == -1:
currentPage = win.getCurrentTab()
var isHighlighted = win.tabs[currentPage].buffer.getHighlightSyntax()
if isHighlighted:
var sourceLanguage = win.tabs[currentPage].buffer.getLanguage()
if sourceLanguage == nil: return ""
return $sourceLanguage.getID()
return ""
proc getLanguageName*(win: var MainWin, buffer: PSourceBuffer): string =
## Returns the language name of ``buffer``.
## If there is no syntax highlighting for the current tab ``"Plain Text"`` is
## returned.
var isHighlighted = buffer.getHighlightSyntax()
if isHighlighted:
var sourceLanguage = buffer.getLanguage()
if sourceLanguage == nil: return "Plain Text"
return $sourceLanguage.getName()
return "Plain Text"
proc getLanguageName*(win: var MainWin, pageNum: int = -1): string =
## Returns the language name of the ``pageNum`` tab.
var currentPage = pageNum
if currentPage == -1:
currentPage = win.getCurrentTab()
return getLanguageName(win, win.tabs[currentPage].buffer)
proc getCurrentLanguageComment*(win: var MainWin,
syntax: var tuple[line, blockStart, blockEnd: string], pageNum: int) =
## Gets the current line comment string and block comment string.
## If no comment can be found ``false`` is returned.
var currentLang = getCurrentLanguage(win, pageNum)
if currentLang != "":
case currentLang.normalize()
of "nim":
syntax.blockStart = "discard \"\"\""
syntax.blockEnd = "\"\"\""
syntax.line = "#"
var sourceLanguage = win.tabs[pageNum].buffer.getLanguage()
var bs = sourceLanguage.getMetadata("block-comment-start")
var be = sourceLanguage.getMetadata("block-comment-end")
var lc = sourceLanguage.getMetadata("line-comment-start")
syntax.blockStart = if bs != nil: $bs else: ""
syntax.blockEnd = if be != nil: $be else: ""
syntax.line = if lc != nil: $lc else: ""
syntax.blockStart = ""
syntax.blockEnd = ""
syntax.line = ""
proc setLanguage*(win: var MainWin, tab: int, lang: PSourceLanguage) =
getCurrentLanguageComment(win, win.tempStuff.commentSyntax, tab)
proc setHighlightSyntax*(win: var MainWin, tab: int, doHighlight: bool) =
win.tempStuff.commentSyntax = ("", "", "")
# -- Compilation-specific
proc getCmd*(win: var MainWin, cmd, filename: string): string =
## ``cmd`` specifies the format string. ``findExe(exe)`` is allowed as well
## as ``#$``. The ``#$`` is replaced by ``filename``.
var f = quoteIfContainsWhite(filename)
proc promptNimPath(win: var MainWin): string =
## If ``settings.nimPath`` is not set, prompts the user for the nim path.
## Otherwise returns ``settings.nimPath``.
if not fileExists(win.globalSettings.nimPath):, "Unable to find nim executable. Please select it to continue.")
win.globalSettings.nimPath = chooseFileToOpen(win.w, "")
result = win.globalSettings.nimPath
if cmd =~ peg"\s* '$' y'findExe' '(' {[^)]+} ')' {.*}":
var exe = quoteIfContainsWhite(findExe(matches[0]))
if matches[0].normalize == "nim" and exe.len == 0:
exe = quoteIfContainsWhite(promptNimPath(win))
if exe.len == 0: exe = matches[0]
result = exe & " " & matches[1] % f
result = cmd % f
when isMainModule:
assert detectLineEndings("asfasfa\c\Lasfasf") == leCRLF
assert detectLineEndings("asfasfa\casas") == leCR
assert detectLineEndings("asfasfa\Lasas") == leLF