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Merge pull request #47 from gradha/pr_babel_tweaks

Babel and doc tweaks
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commit 936d88d0ec5eb3f3657e8dafc3382cc945165b32 2 parents 61d2112 + 7992387
@gradha gradha authored
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  1. +1 −1  aporia.babel
  2. +3 −2 readme.markdown
2  aporia.babel
@@ -7,4 +7,4 @@ license = "GPLv2"
bin = "aporia"
-Requires: "nimrod >= 0.9.2"
+Requires: "nimrod >= 0.9.2, gtk2 >= 1.0"
5 readme.markdown
@@ -12,7 +12,7 @@ which have not yet made it to a stable release.
You can build it by running ``nimrod c aporia`` or by using babel ``babel build``.
You can also quickly install it using babel without the need to clone this repo
-yourself, just execute ``babel install aporia``.
+yourself, just execute ``babel install aporia#head``.
### Compiling from C sources
If you do not want to get the nimrod compiler you can still compile Aporia from
@@ -73,5 +73,6 @@ the macports libraries when invoking aporia:
If running now ``aporia`` tells you about a missing dynamic library,
dependencies might have changed and you could need to ``port install`` another
-package (tell us this is broken creating an issue and we will update the
+package (tell us this is broken [creating an
+issue]( and we will update the
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