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@@ -35,21 +35,13 @@ options:
By default a debug version is created, passing this option will
force a release build, which is much faster and should be preferred
unless you are debugging the compiler.
- Include the `Tiny C <>`_ backend. This
- option is not supported on Windows.
Includes the `rdstdin module <rdstdin.html>`_ for `interactive
mode <nimc.html#nim-interactive-mode>`_ (aka ``nim i``).
This is not needed on Windows. On other platforms this may
incorporate the GNU readline library.
Use native stack traces (only for Mac OS X or Linux).
- Builds Nim without compiler as a service (CAAS) support. CAAS
- support is required for functionality like Nim's `idetool
- <idetools.html>`_ command used to integrate the compiler with
- `external IDEs <>`_.
Only for Mac OS X, activating this switch will force excluding
the generated ``nimcache`` directories from Time Machine backups.
@@ -65,12 +57,6 @@ options:
directories and check their backup exclusion bit::
$ find . -type d -name nimcache -exec tmutil isexcluded \{\} \;
- Nim code can use the `foreign function interface (FFI)
- <manual.html#foreign-function-interface>`_ at runtime, but macros
- are limited to pure Nim code at compilation time. Enabling
- this switch will allow macros to execute non-nim code at
- compilation time (eg. open a file and write to it).
Selects which garbage collection strategy to use for the compiler
and generated code. See the `Nim's Garbage Collector <gc.html>`_
@@ -81,31 +67,12 @@ compiler in the ``bin`` directory. You can add Nim's ``bin`` directory to
your ``$PATH`` or use the `install command`_ to place it where it will be
-clean command
-The `clean`:idx: command removes all generated files.
csource command
The `csource`:idx: command builds the C sources for installation. It accepts
the same options as you would pass to the `boot command`_.
-inno command
-The `inno`:idx: command builds the `Inno Setup installer for Windows
-install command
-The `install`:idx: command installs Nim to the specified directory, which
-is required as a parameter. For example, on Unix platforms you could run::
- $ ./koch install /usr/local/bin
temp command
@@ -123,13 +90,6 @@ driver of Nim's test suite. You can pass options to the ``test`` command,
they will be forwarded to the tester. See its source code for available
-update command
-The `update`:idx: command updates nim to the latest version from github.
-For this command to work you need to have compiled ``koch`` itself with the
-``-d:withUpdate`` switch.
web command

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