when statement doesn't verify syntax #4301

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dom96 commented Jun 8, 2016
when false:
  "blah blah blah blah..."
  vasdar i = 0sasdsa
  i = "string value - must throw an error"

Compiles fine.


I don't think this is a bad thing. when is frequently used for "commenting out" code. My guess is that vasdar i = ... is parsed as a macro call with an assignment statement as the argument?

Araq commented Jun 8, 2016

The thing that shouldn't parse is 0sasdsa (int literal immediately followed by an identifier). That's a lexer bug.

dom96 commented Jun 8, 2016

Indeed. The body of the when needs to be syntactically correct.

@Araq Araq added a commit that closed this issue Jul 12, 2016
@Araq Araq fixes #4301 84c3830
@Araq Araq closed this in 84c3830 Jul 12, 2016
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