Using nimscript for configuration

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The nimscript docs describe the nimscript API, but I needed some help on how to use it. (Note: these docs are better.)

(Most of the following applies to nimble too, but let's concentrate on nimscript for now.)


Suppose you have a scrDir like this:


Suppose foo.nims looks like this:

echo "In foo.nims"

include "zzz.nims"

task mybuild, "My build task":
  echo "In mybuild"
  switch("verbosity", "2")
  setCommand "c"

task newtask, "My new task":
  echo "In newtask"
  setCommand "dump"

And zzz.nims looks like this:

echo "In zzz.nims"
echo gorge("git rev-parse HEAD")

You could run your nimscript like this: nim e foo.nims, but that will not make your tasks available.

Instead, run nim on foo.nim like this:

nim newtask foo
nim mybuild -d:debug foo
nim tasks foo # to see a list of available tasks

All the standard .cfg files are read before your nimscript. You can use include to avoid repeating code for each tool-specific .nims file. You can also use a directory-global config.nims nimscript, similar to nim.cfg.

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