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An emacs major mode for the Nim programming language
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nim-mode A major mode for editing Nim source code

Travis CI MELPA MELPA Stable

This package provides (and requires Emacs 24.4 or higher version):

  • Syntax highlight for .nim, .nims, nimble, nim.cfg
  • Auto-indent
  • Outline by procedures (hs-hide-all, hs-show-all etc.)
  • nim compile command by "C-c C-c" (nim-compile)
  • more features with Nimsuggest:
    • on the fly linter using flycheck, or flymake (from Emacs 26)
    • auto-completion with company-mode ("C-M-i" for manual completion)
    • jump-to-definition ("M-.", and "M-," keys)
    • find-references ("M-?" key)
    • eldoc or help on hover in term of LSP


For regular emacs users, all you need is below configuration in your dot emacs after you installed nim-mode from MELPA and nimsuggest which you can make by ./koch tools or ./koch nimsuggestcommand in the Nim repository (or check the official document on Nim website if this information was outdated):

(add-hook 'nim-mode-hook 'nimsuggest-mode)

Below configuration can be optional

;; The `nimsuggest-path' will be set the value of
;; (executable-find "nimsuggest"), automatically.
(setq nimsuggest-path "path/to/nimsuggest")

;; You may need to install below packages if you haven't installed yet.

;; -- Auto completion --
;; You can omit if you configured company-mode on `prog-mode-hook'
(add-hook 'nimsuggest-mode-hook 'company-mode)  ; auto complete package
;; -- Auto lint --
;; You can omit if you configured flycheck-mode on `prog-mode-hook'
(add-hook 'nimsuggest-mode-hook 'flycheck-mode) ; auto linter package

;; FYI:
;; might be supproted in the future, but not for now
;; (add-hook 'nimsuggest-mode-hook 'nimsuggest-mode)

Supplemental information:

Note that currently nim-mode has three choices for auto linters: flycheck-nimsuggest, flymake-nimsuggeset, and flycheck-nim. First two linters use same backend nimsuggest whereas flycheck-nim uses Nim compiler's check command. If you prefer to configure Nim's configuration inside Emacs (ex. Compile option), flycheck-nim might be the best, but if not nimsuggest based backends are good for you probably.

If you use Emacs 26 or higher, you can also use `flymake' package which Emacs' builtin standard package for auto lint (it was re written on Emacs 26). You can use by below config:

(add-hook 'nimsuggest-mode-hook 'flymake-mode) ; builtin auto linter package


  • Install nim-mode.el via MELPA.
    • Check the MELPA's link and add the package archive if you don't set yet
    • M-x package-install
    • type nim-mode and then enter

Please take a look next Nimsuggest section if you interested in editor integration like code-completion, jump-to-definition, or linting.


(if you are impatient, skip until install nimsuggest to install it)

Nimsuggest is an editor agnostic tool for Nim and nim-mode provides:

  1. Completion feature -- C-M-i and M-TAB keys and auto-complete feature if you install company-mode
  2. Asynchronous linting -- nimsuggest take care .nims files as configuration file, so it's smarter than nim check command (1)
  3. Showing info under the cursor in minibuffer -- (1)
  4. Jump to definition feature -- M-. for go to def and M-, for back to before the go to def position
  5. Show document of current position's identifier -- C-c C-d

(1): those are automatically turned on if you turned on nimsuggest-mode

Install nimsuggest

  1. Use stable version: See official download instruction at "Installation based on generated C code" section.

  2. Use latest version: This way may or may not work (depending on Nim or nimsuggest's state and we can't support all the way), so use above way if you prefer stable.

    #  assuming you already installed Nim
    cd /path/to/Nim_repository
    ./koch tools

Other convenience packages for editing Nim source code

Those packages are convenience packages and can be installed same way as nim-mode (M-x list-packages ...)

  • indent-guide: show visible indent levels
  • quickrun: emacs port of vim's quickrun
  • company-mode: auto-complete feature
  • ob-nim: org-mode integration focused on Nim
  • wgrep: Writable grep buffer and apply the changes to files (maybe convenient for refactor stuff)
  • suggestion-box-el: show argument info on the cursor

Other editors/IDEs

You can also find other editor/IDE plugins for Nim language here

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