An emacs major mode for the Nim programming language
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nim-mode Travis CI

A major mode for editing Nim source code

Note (9/5/2016)

company-mode's configuration (adding company-backends) is no longer required for auto-completion. capf (completion-at-point-function), which is Emacs's default feature was added and company-mode also support this feature as backend for auto-completion.

So, you can remove below configuration if you have:

(add-to-list 'company-backends
               '(company-nim :with company-nim-builtin))

Also nimsuggest-mode was newly added. So if you were already using nim-mode, please take a look nimsuggest's installing section to activate nimsuggest-mode.


  • Install nim-mode.el via MELPA.
    • Check the MELPA's link and add the package archive if you don't set yet
    • M-x list-packages opens the list of all packages (M is the emacs name for Alt)
    • C-s nim-mode moves cursor to nim mode
    • ESC ends search
    • i tags for install
    • x executes install
    • y to confirm question

Please take a look next Nimsuggest section if you interested in editor integration like completion, jump-to-definition, or linting.


(if you are impatient, skip until install nimsuggest to install it)

Nimsuggest is an editor agnostic tool for Nim and nim-mode provides:

  1. Completion feature -- C-M-i and M-TAB keys and auto-complete feature if you install company-mode
  2. Asynchronous linting -- nimsuggest take care .nims files as configuration file, so it's smarter than nim check command (1)
  3. Showing info under the cursor in minibuffer -- (1)
  4. Jump to definition feature -- M-. for go to def and M-, for back to before the go to def position

(1): those are automatically turned on if you turned on nimsuggest-mode

install nimsuggest

  1. Use stable version: See official download instruction at "Installation based on generated C code" section.

  2. Use latest version: This way may or may not work (depending on Nim or nimsuggest's state and we can't support all the way), so use above way if you prefer stable.

    git clone
    cd /path/to/nimsuggest_repository
    nim e compile_without_nimble.nims

After you installed nimsuggest, you may need following configuration in your emacs configuration file (e.g, ~/.emacs.d/init.el):

(setq nim-nimsuggest-path "path/to/nimsuggest")
;; Currently nimsuggest doesn't support nimscript files, so only nim-mode...
(add-hook 'nim-mode-hook 'nimsuggest-mode)
;; if you installed company-mode (optional)
(add-hook 'nim-mode-hook 'company-mode)
(add-hook 'nimscript-mode-hook 'company-mode)
;; or use below instead if you want to activate `company-mode` all programming
;; related modes.
;; (add-hook 'prog-mode-hook 'company-mode)

Note that above nim-nimsuggest-path variable is automatically set the result of (executable-find "nimsuggest"), so if you can get value from the executable-find, you may not need that configuration unless you want to set specific version of nimsuggest.

Other convenience packages for editing Nim source code

Those packages are convenience packages and can be installed same way as nim-mode (M-x list-packages ...)

auto-indent mode

If you use auto-indent-mode, you need to add nim-mode to the list of auto-indent-multiple-indent-modes:

(add-to-list 'auto-indent-multiple-indent-modes 'nim-mode)