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Nimble changelog

0.8.2 - 08/01/2017

This is a small bug fix release which resolves problems with the installation of Aporia (and likely other Nimble packages).

0.8.0 - 05/01/2017

This is a large release containing multiple new features and many bug fixes.

  • Implemented a completely new output system.
    • Supports different message types and priorities. Each is differently encoded using a color and a brightness.
    • The amount of messages shown can be changed by using the new --verbose and --debug flags, by default only high priority messages are shown.
    • Duplicate warnings are filtered out to prevent too much noise.
  • Package namespaces are now validated. You will see a warning whenever an incorrectly namespaced package is read by Nimble, this can occur either during installation or when the installed package database is being loaded. The namespacing rules are described in Nimble's readme. Consider these warnings to be unstable, if you see something that you think is incorrect please report it.
  • Special version dependencies are now installed into a directory with that special version in its name. For example, compiler@#head will be installed into ~/.nimble/pkgs/compiler-#head. This reduces the amount of redundant installs. See #88 for more information.
  • External dependencies can now be specified in .nimble files. Nimble doesn't install these, but does instruct the user on how they can be installed. More information about this feature can be found in the readme.
  • Nimble now supports package aliases in the packages.json files.
  • Fixed regression that caused transitive dependencies to not be installed.
  • Fixed problem with install command when a src directory is present in the current directory.
  • Improved quoting of process execution arguments.
  • Many improvements to custom --nimbleDir handling. All commands should now support it correctly.
  • Running nimble -v will no longer read the Nimble config before displaying the version.
  • Refresh command now supports a package list name as argument.
  • Fixes issues with symlinks not being removed correctly.
  • Changed the way the dump command locates the .nimble file.

Full changelog:

Full list of issues which have been closed:

0.7.10 - 09/10/2016

This release includes multiple bug fixes.

  • Reverted patch that breaks binary stubs in Git Bash on Windows.
  • The nimscriptapi.nim file is now statically compiled into the binary. This should fix the "could not find nimscriptapi.nim" errors. The file can still be overriden by placing a file named nimscriptapi.nim inside a nimblepkg directory that is placed alongside the Nimble binary, or by a nimscriptapi.nim file inside ~/.nimble/pkgs/nimble-ver/nimblepkg/. For more information see the code that looks for this file.
  • Nim files can now be imported in .nimble nimscript files. (Issue #186)
  • Requiring a specific git commit hash no longer fails. (Issue #129)

Full changelog:

0.7.8 - 28/09/2016

This is a hotfix release which fixes crashes when Nimble (or Nim) is installed to C:\Program Files or other paths with spaces in them.

0.7.6 - 26/09/2016

This is a small release designed to coincide with the release of Nim 0.15.0.

  • Fixes --depsOnly flag (commit)
  • Fixes compilation on 0.15.0.
  • Fixes #239.
  • Fixes #215.
  • VCS information is now stored in the Nimble package metadata.

0.7.4 - 06/06/2016

This release is mainly a bug fix release. The installation problems introduced by v0.7.0 should now be fixed.

  • Fixed symlink install issue (Thank you @yglukhov).
  • Fixed permission issue when installing packages (Thank you @SSPkrolik).
  • Work around for issue #204. (Thank you @Jeff-Ciesielski).
  • Fixed FD leak. (Thank you @yglukhov).
  • Implemented the --depsOnly option for the install command.
  • Various fixes to installation/nimscript support problems introduced by v0.7.0.

Full changelog:

0.7.2 - 11/02/2016

This is a hotfix release which alleviates problems when building Nimble.

See Issue #203 for more information.

0.7.0 - 30/12/2015

This is a major release. Significant changes include NimScript support, configurable package list URLs, a new publish command, the removal of the dependency on OpenSSL, and proxy support. More detailed list of changes follows:

  • Fixed chcp on Windows XP and Windows Vista (Thank you @vegansk).
  • Fixed incorrect command line processing (Issue #151)
  • Merged developers.markdown back into readme.markdown (Issue #132)
  • Removed advertising clause from license (Issue #153)
  • Implemented publish command (Thank you for taking the initiative @Araq)
  • Implemented NimScript support. Nimble now import a portion of the Nim compiler source code for this. (Thank you for taking the initiative @Araq)
  • Fixes incorrect logic for finding the Nim executable (Issue #125).
  • Renamed the update command to refresh. The update command will mean something else soon! (Issue #158)
  • Improvements to the init command. (Issue #96)
  • Package names must now officially be valid Nim identifiers. Package's with dashes in particular will become invalid in the next version. Warnings are shown now but the next version will show an error. (Issue #126)
  • Added error message when no build targets are present. (Issue #108)
  • Implemented configurable package lists. Including fallback URLs (Issue #75).
  • Removed the OpenSSL dependency (Commit ec96ee7)
  • Implemented proxy support. This can be configured using the http_proxy/ https_proxy environment variables or Nimble's configuration (Issue #86).
  • Fixed issues with reverse dependency storage (Issue #113 and #168).

Full changelog:

0.6.4 - 30/12/2015

This is a hotfix release fixing compilation with Nim 0.12.0.

See Issue #180 for more info.

0.6.2 - 19/06/2015

  • Added binDir option to specify where the build output should be placed (Thank you @minciue).
  • Fixed deprecated code (Thank you @lou15b).
  • Fixes to old .babel folder handling (Thank you @ClementJnc).
  • Added ability to list only the installed packages via nimble list --installed (Thank you @hiteshjasani.
  • Fixes compilation with Nim v0.11.2 (Thank you @JCavallo).
  • Implements the --nimbleDir option (Thank you @ClementJnc).
  • Fixes nimble uninstall not giving an error when no package name is specified (Thank you @dom96).
  • When installing and building a tagged version of a package fails, Nimble will now attempt to install and build the #head of the repo (Thank you @dom96).
  • Fixed cloning of git repositories with non-standard default branches (Thank you @dom96).

Full changelog:

0.6.0 - 26/12/2014

  • Renamed from Babel to Nimble
  • Introduces compatibility with Nim v0.10.0+
  • Implemented the init command which generates a .nimble file for new projects. (Thank you @singularperturbation)
  • Improved cloning of git repositories. (Thank you @gradha)
  • Fixes path command issues (Thank you @gradha)
  • Fixes problems with symlinking when there is a space in the path. (Thank you @philip-wernersbach)
  • The code page will now be changed when executing Nimble binary packages. This adds support for Unicode in cmd.exe (#54).
  • .cmd files are now used in place of .bat files. Shell files for Cygwin/Git bash are also now created.

0.4.0 - 24/06/2014

  • Introduced the ability to delete packages.
  • When installing packages, a list of files which have been copied is stored in the babelmeta.json file.
  • When overwriting an already installed package babel will no longer delete the whole directory but only the files which it installed.
  • Versions are now specified on the command line after the '@' character when installing and uninstalling packages. For example: babel install foobar@0.1 and babel install foobar@#head.
  • The babel package installation directory can now be changed in the new config.
  • Fixes a number of issues.