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  • Save the website URL of each builder to the database, then provide URLs on the website.
  • Save more information to the database, e.g. commit message, number of tests passed and failed.
  • Design the website.
  • Keep only the latest version of Nimrod for download.
  • Doc generation!
  • grep "TODO"
  • Generate C Sources for every platform.
  • Include GPL license in with the distribution. Also readme file which mentions that this is a minimal distribution.
  • Redesign
  • Fix nimbot
  • Integration with Github status API
    • When a pull request is made nimbuild should be intelligent on what it compiles I.e. If the file edited is in the compiler/ directory then nimrod should be bootstrapped if the file edited is a test, the test should be ran if the file edited is a module in the stdlib it should just be compiled
      • This should then be reported to github...
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