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import os
# TODO: Rename this module to ``utils``
TStatusEnum* = enum
sUnknown, sBuildFailure, sBuildInProgress, sBuildSuccess,
sTestFailure, sTestInProgress, sTestSuccess, # ORDER MATTERS!
sDocGenFailure, sDocGenInProgress, sDocGenSuccess,
sCSrcGenFailure, sCSrcGenInProgress, sCSrcGenSuccess
TStatus* = object
status*: TStatusEnum
desc*: string
hash*: string
proc initStatus*(): TStatus =
result.status = sUnknown
result.desc = ""
result.hash = ""
proc isInProgress*(status: TStatusEnum): bool =
return status in {sBuildInProgress, sTestInProgress, sDocGenInProgress,
proc `$`*(status: TStatusEnum): string =
case status
of sBuildFailure:
return "build failure"
of sBuildInProgress:
return "build in progress"
of sBuildSuccess:
return "build finished"
of sTestFailure:
return "testing failure"
of sTestInProgress:
return "testing in progress"
of sTestSuccess:
return "testing finished"
of sDocGenFailure:
return "documentation generation failed"
of sDocGenInProgress:
return "generating documentation"
of sDocGenSuccess:
return "documentation generation succeeded"
of sCSrcGenFailure:
return "csource generation failed"
of sCSrcGenInProgress:
return "csource generation in progress"
of sCSrcGenSuccess:
return "csource generation succeeded"
of sUnknown:
return "unknown"
proc makeCommitPath*(platform, hash: string): string =
return platform / hash.substr(0, 11) # 11 Chars.
proc makeZipPath*(platform, hash: string): string =
return platform / "nimrod_" & hash.substr(0, 11)
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