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3D network vis. (simplfied, web-deployable version of 3NeVis. Works with single json file).
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3D Network Visualization

This is a simplified and lighter version of the 3Nevis project. Simply, make the following json file and uplaod it.

netJSON = {
    'scale': (size of network. used to shrink down the network to fit in screen.)
            'link1': {
                'points': [[xi,yi,zi],...[xf,yf,zf]] (points along the link 2 minimum),
                'radius': r (thickness of the link),
            'link2': {...},
     'nodes': {
        'positions':[[x1,y1,z1],...[xN,yN,zN]] (all nodes at once. labels will be supported later.),
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