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@nimble0 nimble0 released this Aug 17, 2019


  • Add support for custom systems defined in JSON. This allows for customising keys, prefix and suffix strokes, orthography rules and command aliases among other things.
  • Add new orthography model based on finding longest matching end of word followed by longest start of suffix (for use in addition to regex orthography model).
  • Add improved English orthography rules.
  • Add commands for performing Android IME actions.
    • {IME:EDITOR_ACTION} Perform editor action, usually submit or search.
    • {IME:SWITCH_PREVIOUS} Switch to previous IME.
    • {IME:SWITCH_NEXT} Switch to next IME.
    • {IME:SWITCH:ime} Switch directly to IME ime.
    • {IME:SHOW_PICKER} Show IME picker dialog.
  • Add dialog to go to keyboard settings screen when Dotterel is currently disabled.
  • Improve dictionary load performance.
  • Change behaviour of {>} to match Plover's (only change first character to lowercase). This was causing issues with uppercase fingerspelling translations following lowercase fingerspelling translations.
  • Fix Dotterel ignoring back button instead of closing the soft keyboard.
  • Fix version string in about page showing as undefined on some devices.
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