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Twilio Video SDK Quick Start for JavaScript
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Twilio Video Quickstart for JavaScript

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This application should give you a ready-made starting point for writing your own video apps with Twilio Video. Before we begin, we need to collect all the config values we need to run the application:

A Note on API Keys

When you generate an API key pair at the URLs above, your API Secret will only be shown once - make sure to save this in a secure location, or possibly your ~/.bash_profile.

Setting Up The Application

Create a configuration file for your application:

cp .env.template .env

Edit .env with the configuration parameters we gathered from above.

Next, we need to install our dependencies from npm:

npm install

Now we should be all set! Run the application:

npm start

Your application should now be running at http://localhost:3000. Just enter the name of the room you want to join and click on 'Join Room'. Then, open another tab and join the same room. Now, you should see your own video in both the tabs!

screenshot of chat app


The project contains some use-case examples for the Twilio Video JS SDK. After running the application by following the instructions above, go to http://localhost:3000/examples to try them out.

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