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Our vision

When it comes to recruitment, regardless of the role, we are always looking for the following traits:

  • Ownership mentality. People always work in small agile teams (3-5 people) and as a consequence, everyone has a great impact but also responsibility for the product the team is building. We go beyond execution, we want to our teammates to feel deeply involved in what they do.
  • Dependable. We go to great lengths for our clients, they can rely on us to deliver and all our team members are reliable and trustworthy.
  • Continuous learner. Software development, UX/UI and product management keep evolving, hence our team members need to be ready to keep learning while on and off of the job. Our teammates are deeply passionate about what we do.
  • Courage. We must have the courage to speak up, raise our concerns in a timely manner and be able to confront the status quo with ideas by being constructive and without holding on to hard feelings.
  • Flexible. As we work with many innovative companies from all over the work, the product strategy keeps evolving as we go through the development. Thanks to our internal processes, we are able to provide flexibility to our clients while still maintaining a high level of quality. But one needs to accept that change is the only constant.
  • Resilience. We must not give up easily when we face challenges, either interpersonal or professional.

Applying to join us

We keep our process short and straightforward focusing on actionable and measurable metrics related to the type of work we do. Every candidate will go through the followings stages (in this order):

Information Form

Upon reception of an application, we ask applicants to fill in an Airtable-based information form composed of 8-12 questions customized for each role. We aim to see beyond a resume so this step is very critical to us to know applicants better and understand what they could bring to the team.

As we like to move fast, applicants are invited to submit the form back to us within 2 days following their application.

1st Interview

Following the review of the information provided in the previous step, we invite short-listed applicants for an interview. It can either be in-person at our office for applicants living in the same country where our office is, or over Skype.

Interview slots are booked via Calendly so that applicants can pick a time that works best for them. Interviews usually take anywhere between 30 to 60 minutes.

During this first meet, we blend informal, technical and personality-based questions. At this first stage, we are checking both team-fit and technical aptitude. The technical questions do not require any special preparation as we do not do whiteboard interviews. Instead, we focus on practical and intermediate-level questions allowing applicants to reference their own experience and at the same time allowing us to verify if the applicant is up-to-date with the current technologies and best practices.


Upon passing the first interview, applicants need to work on a challenge relative to the positions they applied to i.e. Ruby or JavaScript test for web developers, Android or iOS test for mobile developers, Product test for Product Managers, UX/UI test for designers etc. We have challenges for each position we advertise 🤓

Applicants are given one week to complete the assignment from the comfort of their home. Commitment-wise, each applicant should allocate between 4-8 hours but it varies greatly based on their own technical aptitude and workflows.


The challenge requires to build a small application from scratch with a single feature. Applicants have the opportunity to show how they can architect a small application from scratch using the best practices of software development encompassing code structure, maintainability, security and testing.

All code must be submitted via a public git-based code versioning platform such as Github, Bitbucket Gitlab. Upon submitting the link to the code repository, applicants need to make sure that the issue tracker is enabled on the repository so that our team can submit our code review feedback.

Upon reception of the submission, our team usually take anywhere between 1-3 days to do a complete code review. As mentioned previously, we open issues to provide our feedback that usually fits into the following types:

  • Questions on the implementation details. Often raised when we need clarifications on a technical decision taken by the applicant e.g. design pattern, non-standard third-party library (or not known to us). The purpose is for applicants to explain the reasons for their decision.
  • Recommendation to change the implementations. We might recommend some of our best practices and recommend another way to implement the same feature.
  • Bugs. Upon testing the small application, our team encountered a technical issue or a feature did not work as expected.

Applicants are invited to interact with our team by replying directly to the open issues and also have the opportunity to fix or change the code following the code review comments. So the code challenge is really a participative process, not a submission-and-waiting-and-praying-everything-goes-well step. Our main goal is to find developers we would love to work with. So show us how awesome you are in the code review 💪

Product Managers

The challenge requires to review one of our current or past product. Applicants are expected to:

  • Provide recommendations on improving existing features
  • Provide recommendations on potential new features
  • Find, report and classify any kind of bugs/issues in the product

Applicants are free to choose the format in which they want to submit their report e.g. test document, presentation, spreadsheet, website, blog article...

Upon reception of the submission by email, our team usually take anywhere between 3-5 days to do a complete review. We put great emphasis on the following:

  • Care and attention to details in the way to present your report
  • Business value-added of your recommendations

Our review will be emailed back to you.

UX/UI Designers

The challenge is broken into two tasks:

  1. UX

Applicants need to create a UX flow for a specific feature for a fictive company in a specific industry e.g. eCommerce checkout flow for a jo board, payment flow for a bank. Only the main screens are expected to make the task smaller in scope.

The UX flow must be submitted in PDF format.

  1. UI

Applicants need to create a single screen for a fictive company in a specific industry e.g. homepage for a music application, checkout page for an online grocery store. The UI must be a single page and be responsive if the assignment is for a web application.

The challenge leaves lots of room for applicants to show us their personality since there are no constraints on colors, fonts, images or illustrations.

The design must be submitted as a single PNG file along with the original source file (Sketch preferred).

Upon reception of the submission by email, our team usually take anywhere between 3-5 days to do a complete review.

Our review will be emailed back to you.

2nd Interview

This is very similar to the first interview but with different people from our team.

At every stage, we involve our teammates so that they get to meet their potential future colleagues and inversely applicants get to meet several people from the team instead of only one person.

Following the last interview, we will do a complete review of the applicant taking into all pieces information gathered during the whole application process. We are usually fast on taking a final decision. So applicants can expect a response, whether positive or negative, within 1-2 days at most.

In our hiring process, we prefer to be too cautious. We rather reject someone by mistake than hire someone by mistake, since a wrong hire is much more disruptive. Organizations can reject people with great potential so applicants who have not been selected should not be discouraged from seeking a great job.


We are always on the look-out for great people to join us so don't hesitate to send us your application to

We are currently hiring for the following positions:

We also advertise additional details and position on our jobs site

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