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Nimbus Provisioning API

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Nimboss: The Nimbus Provisioning API


Create a virtualenv:
    $ virtualenv nimboss_env

Install the latest package from ooici:
    $ source nimboss_env/bin/activate
    $ easy_install --find-links nimboss

Developer Install

Create a virtualenv:
    $ virtualenv nimboss_env

Install dependencies:
    $ pip -E nimboss_env install zope.interface httplib2 simplejson
    $ cd nimboss_env
    $ git clone git://
    $ cd libcloud; python install; cd ..

Install Nimboss:
    $ git clone # Read+Write, or use "git://...".
    $ cd nimboss
    $ python install


Nimboss currently uses Python's unittest framework.

To run tests:
    $ cd tests
    $ python

Layout of Nimboss
Node specific connection and management.
Cluster management and driver implementation for both EC2 and Nimbus.
Support for Cluster creation, termination, and status querying.
Communication with the Nimbus Context Broker.
Support for creating Context and querying Cluster status.
Nimbus 'Cluster document' and 'Cluster spec' utitlities.

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