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import hashlib
from libcloud.compute.base import NodeImage
from nimboss.nimbus import NimbusClusterDocument
class Cluster(object):
"""A collection of Nodes.
All Nodes of a given Cluster instance
are defined in a given "cluster document" that
contains Node details, and inter-Node relationships.
def __init__(self, id, driver, cluster_type=None, name=None): = id # id is actually a context URI
self.driver = driver
self.cluster_type = cluster_type = name or ''
self.uuid = self.get_uuid()
self.nodes = {}
def add_node(self, node):
"""Add a Node to this Cluster's "nodes" attribute.
The "nodes" attribute exists only for the lifetime
of the Cluster instance, and is not persisted in
any way.
if isinstance(node, (list, tuple)):
for n in node:
self.nodes[n.uuid] = n
self.nodes[node.uuid] = node
def get_uuid(self):
"""Unique id, created by hashing Cluster id, and the Node Driver type.
return hashlib.sha1("%s" % ( #FIXME
def get_status(self):
"""Cluster status, as return by the Context Broker.
resp = self.driver.broker_client.get_status(
return resp
def destroy(self):
"""Terminate all Nodes in this Cluster.
def __repr__(self):
args = (self.uuid,, len(self.nodes.keys()))
return "Cluster: uuid=%s, name=%s, total nodes=%d" % args
class ClusterDriver(object):
"""Logic to manage resource that make up a Cluster.
Contains references to the Broker Client,
and the Node Driver.
def __init__(self, broker_client=None, node_driver=None):
self.broker_client = broker_client
self.node_driver = node_driver
def create_cluster(self, clusterdoc, context=None, **kwargs):
"""Create a new cluster of nodes
@keyword keyname: The name of the key pair
@type keyname: C{str}
@keyword securitygroup: Name of security group
@type securitygroup: C{str}
if isinstance(clusterdoc, str):
clusterdoc = NimbusClusterDocument(clusterdoc)
if context is None:
context = self.broker_client.create_context()
nodes_specs = clusterdoc.build_specs(context)
cluster = self.new_bare_cluster(id=context.uri)
for spec in nodes_specs:
cluster.add_node(self.launch_node_spec(spec, self.node_driver,
return cluster
def new_bare_cluster(self, id):
return Cluster(id, driver=self)
def launch_node_spec(self, spec, driver, **kwargs):
"""Launches a single node group.
Returns a single Node or a list of Nodes.
node_data = self._create_node_data(spec, driver, **kwargs)
node = driver.create_node(**node_data)
if isinstance(node, (list, tuple)):
for n in node:
n.ctx_name =
node.ctx_name =
return node
def _create_node_data(self, spec, driver, **kwargs):
"""Utility to get correct form of data to create a Node.
image = NodeImage(spec.image,, driver)
sizes = driver.list_sizes()
size = None
for asize in sizes:
if == spec.size:
size = asize
if size is None:
raise KeyError("Node size %s not found for driver %s" %
(spec.size, self.node_driver))
node_data = {
# libcloud doesn't like args with None values
return dict(pair for pair in node_data.iteritems() if pair[1] is not None)
def destroy_cluster(self, cluster):
"""Terminate all Nodes from this Cluster.
for (id, node) in cluster.nodes.iteritems():
def reboot_cluster(self, cluster):
"""Reboot all Nodes from this Cluster.
for (id, node) in cluster.nodes.iteritems():