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import sys
import base64
import httplib2 # Not in standard library, change later if needed.
import httplib # for status codes
import json
import simplejson as json
Connection = httplib2.Http
class ContextClient(object):
"""Broker connection management and utility functionality.
def __init__(self, broker_uri, key, secret):
self.broker_uri = broker_uri
self.connection = Connection(disable_ssl_certificate_validation=True)
self.connection.add_credentials(key, secret)
# forcibly add basic auth header to get around Nimbus not
# sending WWW-Authenticate header in 401 response, which
# httplib2 relies on.
auth = base64.b64encode(key + ":" + secret)
self.headers = {'Authorization' : 'Basic ' + auth}
def create_context(self):
"""Create a new context with Broker.
@return: instance of type C{ContextResource}
# creating a new context is a POST to the base broker URI
# context URI is returned in Location header and info for VMs
# is returned in body
(resp, body) = self.connection.request(self.broker_uri, 'POST',
except Exception, e:
trace = sys.exc_info()[2]
raise BrokerError("Failed to contact broker: %s" % str(e)), None, trace
if resp.status != httplib.CREATED:
raise BrokerError("Failed to create new context")
location = resp['location']
body = json.loads(body)
return _resource_from_response(location, body)
def get_status(self, resource):
"""Status of a Context resource.
Returns a ContextStatus object
(resp, body) = self.connection.request(str(resource), 'GET',
except Exception, e:
trace = sys.exc_info()[2]
raise BrokerError("Failed to contact broker: %s" % str(e)), None, trace
if resp.status != httplib.OK:
if resp.status == httplib.NOT_FOUND:
raise ContextNotFoundError("Context resource not found: %s" % resource)
elif resp.status in (httplib.FORBIDDEN, httplib.UNAUTHORIZED):
raise BrokerAuthError("User not authorized for context: %s" % resource)
raise BrokerError("Failed to get status of context")
response = json.loads(body)
return _status_from_response(response)
raise BrokerError("Failed to parse status response from broker")
class ContextResource(dict):
"""Context created on the broker.
Used in generation of userdata.
def __init__(self, **kwargs):
for key,value in kwargs.iteritems():
self[key] = value
self.uri = self['uri']
self.broker_uri = self['broker_uri']
self.context_id = self['context_id']
self.secret = self['secret']
def __str__(self):
return self.uri
def _resource_from_response(uri, response):
dct = {'broker_uri' : response['brokerUri'],
'context_id' : response['contextId'],
'secret' : response['secret'],
'uri' : uri}
return ContextResource(**dct)
def _status_from_response(response):
res_nodes = response['nodes']
nodes = []
for n in res_nodes:
ids = _identities_from_response_node(n)
ok_occurred = n.get('okOccurred', False)
error_occurred = n.get('errorOccurred', False)
error_code = n.get('errorCode')
error_message = n.get('errorMessage', None)
node = ContextNode(ids, ok_occurred, error_occurred, error_code,
complete = response.get('isComplete', False)
error = response.get('errorOccurred', False)
expected_count = response['expectedNodeCount']
return ContextStatus(nodes, expected_count, complete, error)
def _identities_from_response_node(resp_node):
ids = resp_node['identities']
identities = []
for id in ids:
identity = ContextNodeIdentity(id['iface'], id['ip'], id['hostname'],
return identities
class ContextStatus(object):
"""Status information about a context
def __init__(self, nodes, expected_count, complete=False, error=False):
self.nodes = nodes
self.expected_count = expected_count
self.complete = complete
self.error = error
class ContextNode(object):
"""A single contextualization node, with one or more identities.
def __init__(self, identities, ok_occurred=False, error_occurred=False,
error_code=None, error_message=None):
self.identities = identities
self.ok_occurred = ok_occurred
self.error_occurred = error_occurred
self.error_code = error_code
self.error_message = error_message
class ContextNodeIdentity(object):
"""A single network identity for a node.
def __init__(self, interface, ip, hostname, pubkey):
self.interface = interface
self.ip = ip
self.hostname = hostname
self.pubkey = pubkey
class BrokerError(Exception):
"""Error response from Context Broker.
def __init(self, reason):
self.reason = reason
Exception.__init__(self, reason)
class ContextNotFoundError(BrokerError):
"""404 Error response from Context Broker
class BrokerAuthError(BrokerError):
"""403 Error response from Context Broker