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import xml.etree.ElementTree as ET
NS_CTXDESC = NS_CTXBROKER + "/ctxdescription"
class NimbusClusterDocument(object):
"""Parse a Nimbus 'cluster document' to
obtain all need information to create all
Nodes for a given Cluster.
def __init__(self, doc, public_nic_prefix="public", local_nic_prefix="private"):
# these are ugly. Used in nic matching process; they must
# be in place before parse.
self.public_nic_prefix = public_nic_prefix
self.local_nic_prefix = local_nic_prefix
self.members = []
def parse(self, doc):
"""The XML parsing logic.
self.tree = ET.fromstring(doc)
if self.tree.tag != 'cluster':
raise ValidationError("Root element must be 'cluster'")
members = self.tree.findall('workspace')
if members is None:
raise ValidationError("Must have at least one 'workspace' element")
self.members = [_ClusterMember(self, node) for node in members]
self.needs_contextualization = False
for member in self.members:
if member.needs_contextualization:
self.needs_contextualization = True
# we must namespace-prefix all elements, to stay friendly with how
# the ctx agent parses. It would be more efficent to do this and the
# above parsing activities in one pass..
for child in self.tree.getiterator():
if str(child.tag)[0] != '{':
child.tag = _ctx_qname(child.tag)
def build_specs(self, context):
Produces userdata launch information for cluster document, using the
specified context.
if context:
ctx_tree = ET.Element('NIMBUS_CTX')
specs = []
for member in self.members:
userdata = None
if member.needs_contextualization:
userdata = ET.tostring(ctx_tree)
s = ClusterNodeSpec(image=member.image, count=member.quantity,, userdata=userdata)
return specs
def create_contact_element(context):
Produces a <contact> element for a Context resource
elem = ET.Element(_ctx_qname('contact'))
ET.SubElement(elem, _ctx_qname('brokerURL')).text = context['broker_uri']
ET.SubElement(elem, _ctx_qname('contextID')).text = context['context_id']
ET.SubElement(elem, _ctx_qname('secret')).text = context['secret']
return elem
def _ctx_qname(tag):
return ET.QName(NS_CTXDESC, tag)
class _ClusterMember(object):
A single 'workspace' of a cluster document.
XXX: Instances of this object probably should be read only?
def __init__(self, document, element):
self.document = document
self.element = element
self.image = _get_one_subelement(element, 'image').text.strip()
quantity = _get_one_subelement(element, 'quantity')
self.quantity = int(quantity.text)
except ValueError:
raise ValidationError("Workspace quantity must be an integer")
nameElem = element.find('name')
if nameElem is not None and nameElem.text: = nameElem.text.strip()
else: = ''
#TODO validate NICs/doctor ctx
if element.find('active') is not None:
raise ValidationError("Workspace may not have an 'active' element")
self._active_element = ET.SubElement(element, 'active')
self._active_element.text = 'false'
# TODO determine this value for reals
self.needs_contextualization = True
def set_active_state(self, state):
self._active_element.text = state and 'true' or 'false'
def _get_one_subelement(element, tag):
result = element.findall(tag)
if result is None or len(result) != 1:
raise ValidationError(
"There must be exactly one '%s' element per workspace" % tag)
if not result[0].text.strip():
raise ValidationError("The '%s' element must have a value" % tag)
return result[0]
class ValidationError(Exception):
Problem validating structure of cluster document.
def __init(self, reason):
self.reason = reason
Exception.__init__(self, reason)
class ClusterNodeSpec(object):
Information needed to launch a single cluster member.
Image name (ami), node count, and userdata.
def __init__(self, image=None, count='1', name=None, size="m1.small",
userdata=None, keyname=None):
self.image = image
self.count = count = name #XXX how to specify?
self.size = size #XXX how to specify?
self.userdata = userdata
self.keyname = keyname
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