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import boto
from boto.exception import BotoServerError
from boto.regioninfo import RegionInfo
import boto.ec2.autoscale
import urlparse
import sys
import os
username = os.environ['EC2_ACCESS_KEY']
password = os.environ['EC2_SECRET_KEY']
iaas_url = os.environ['PHANTOM_URL']
up = urlparse.urlparse(iaas_url)
ssl = up.scheme == "https"
host = up.hostname
port = up.port
region = RegionInfo(name="nimbus", endpoint=host)
con = boto.ec2.autoscale.AutoScaleConnection(aws_access_key_id=username, aws_secret_access_key=password, is_secure=ssl, port=port, debug=2, region=region) = host
name = sys.argv[1]
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