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Encode user_data in Base64 before sending it to boto

Boto tries to decode the user_data as Base64. If it fails, it will use
the field as clear-text. However, there are cases where a clear-text can
be interpreted as valid Base64 (if the padding is correct) and end up
being decoded as a binary string.
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1 parent bbbb038 commit 1f9f1579f20db6bd30b4f5be0096f8761dddbf11 @priteau priteau committed Mar 8, 2013
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@@ -248,7 +248,8 @@ def get_launch_configs(self, user_obj, names=None, max=-1, startToken=None):
ot_lc.SecurityGroups = AWSListType('SecurityGroups')
contextualization = dt_descr.get('contextualization')
if contextualization is not None and contextualization.get('method') == 'userdata':
- ot_lc.UserData = contextualization.get('userdata')
+ # UserData should be base64-encoded to be properly decoded by boto
+ ot_lc.UserData = base64.b64encode(contextualization.get('userdata'))
ot_lc.UserData = None

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