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Use the service command instead of the init.d script

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1 parent ee8c935 commit 465c6d094e2614a37c818a9ae7526d4920184e6c @priteau priteau committed Feb 25, 2014
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@@ -24,7 +24,7 @@
commands.append('sudo -E mysqladmin --password=%s create %s' % (password, webdbname))
commands.append("sudo -E mysql --password=%s -e \"GRANT INDEX, Select, Insert, Update, Create, Delete, Alter ON *.* TO '%s'@'%%' IDENTIFIED BY '%s';\"" % (password, dbuser, password))
commands.append("sudo -E sed -i 's/bind-address.*/bind-address =' /etc/mysql/my.cnf")
-commands.append("sudo -E /etc/init.d/mysql restart")
+commands.append("sudo -E service mysql restart")
for cmd in commands:
print cmd

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