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Don't use a specific MySQL version

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1 parent b5cc846 commit ee8c93590a5edccc0af9018f79e77bac631bfded @priteau priteau committed Feb 25, 2014
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@@ -18,7 +18,7 @@
commands = []
commands.append('sudo -E apt-get -y update')
-commands.append('sudo -E apt-get -y -q install mysql-server-5.1')
+commands.append('sudo -E apt-get -y -q install mysql-server')
commands.append('sudo -E mysqladmin -u root password %s' % (password))
commands.append('sudo -E mysqladmin --password=%s create %s' % (password, dbname))
commands.append('sudo -E mysqladmin --password=%s create %s' % (password, webdbname))

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