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commit 0798d9856da644c6a2cf3454181e36c99de4c5b3 1 parent a2fd6ce
@oldpatricka oldpatricka authored
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  1. +3 −8 phantomweb/templates/phantom.html
11 phantomweb/templates/phantom.html
@@ -9,10 +9,9 @@
{% block nimbus_body %}
-<div class="row">
- <div class="span12">
+<div class="row-fluid">
<div class="hero-unit" id="xphantom_content">
- <h1>Nimbus Platform Phantom</h1>
+ <h2>Nimbus Platform Phantom</h2>
<br />
<p class="lead">Scaling your cloud applications is as easy as:</p>
@@ -20,19 +19,16 @@
<ol id="xphantom_home_action_list">
<div class="xphantom_home_number_div">
- <!--<img height="60" width="70" src="/static/images/1.png" class="phantom_home_number_image"/>-->
<a href="/phantom/sites" class="xphantom_home_number_label">Add your site credentials.</a>
<div class="xphantom_home_number_div">
- <!--<img height="60" width="70" src="/static/images/2.png" class="phantom_home_number_image"/>-->
<a href="/phantom/launchconfig" class="xphantom_home_number_label">Create a launch configuration.</a>
<div class="xphantom_home_number_div">
- <!--<img height="60" width="70" src="/static/images/3.png" class="phantom_home_number_image"/>-->
<a href="/phantom/domain" class="xphantom_home_number_label">Launch your domain.</a>
@@ -41,9 +37,8 @@
<br />
- For more information, you can read the <a href="">Phantom Documentation.</a>
+ For more information, read the <a href="">Phantom Documentation.</a>
- </div>
{% endblock %}
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