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django web application for phantom
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Phantom Web Application

This repository contains the web application for Phantom.


To install the web application, you will need Python 2.7 and the EPU services running.

After cloning this repository, run the following command, preferably inside a dedicated virtualenv:

pip install -r requirements.txt --allow-external ceiclient --allow-unverified ceiclient --allow-external cloudinitd --allow-unverified cloudinitd .

You should then be able to run:

python syncdb
python runserver

Once it is running, go to the admin interface and set up the RabbitMQ connection info at If you are running the EPU services on your own machine with the default RabbitMQ settings, you can set it up with:

  • host =
  • user = guest
  • password = guest
  • exchange = default_dashi_exchange
  • port = 5672
  • SSL = off
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