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import ConfigParser
from cloudinitd.exceptions import ConfigException
g_var_objects = {}
g_global_obj = {}
class CidVarObject(object):
def __init__(self):
# using its own dict to avoid any conflicts in __dict__
self.vars = {}
def set_var(self, key, val):
self.vars[key] = val
def set_global_var_file(path, rank):
parser = ConfigParser.ConfigParser()
items = parser.items("globals")
for (key, value) in items:
set_global_var(key, value, rank)
def set_global_var(key, val, rank):
global g_var_objects
rank = int(rank)
if rank not in g_var_objects:
g_var_objects[rank] = CidVarObject()
obj = g_var_objects[rank]
obj.set_var(key, val)
def global_merge_down():
global g_global_obj
keys = g_var_objects.keys()
global_obj = CidVarObject()
for rank in keys:
rank_obj = g_var_objects[rank]
for key in rank_obj.vars:
val = rank_obj.vars[key]
global_obj.set_var(key, val)
g_global_obj = global_obj
def get_global(key, default=None, raise_ex=False):
if key not in g_global_obj.vars.keys():
if raise_ex:
raise ConfigException("The global variable %s is not set." % (key))
return default
return g_global_obj.vars[key]
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