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Add missing serializer to one of the publish calls

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1 parent f93fbc6 commit 5f25c30df89680eb9f52cd06cb4e06acb00d7f25 @priteau priteau committed Jan 20, 2012
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4 dashi/
@@ -62,7 +62,7 @@ def fire(self, name, operation, args=None, **kwargs):
with producers[self._conn].acquire(block=True) as producer:
producer.publish(d, routing_key=name, exchange=self._exchange_name,
- headers=headers)
+ headers=headers, serializer=self._serializer)
def call(self, name, operation, timeout=5, args=None, **kwargs):
"""Send a message and wait for reply
@@ -372,4 +372,4 @@ class UnknownOperationError(DashiError):
ERROR_PREFIX = "dashi."
ERROR_TYPES = (BadRequestError, UnknownOperationError)
-ERROR_TYPE_MAP = dict((cls.__name__, cls) for cls in ERROR_TYPES)
+ERROR_TYPE_MAP = dict((cls.__name__, cls) for cls in ERROR_TYPES)

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