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Add passthrough for heartbeat in eeagent config

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commit 363b5eb70e8fdd4cb3e472fa757e72baea1a3e82 1 parent a228664
Patrick Armstrong oldpatricka authored
Showing with 11 additions and 4 deletions.
  1. +11 −4 epuharness/
15 epuharness/
@@ -177,7 +177,8 @@ def start(self, deployment_file=None, deployment_str=None):
- supd_directory=os.path.join(self.pidantic_dir, eeagent_name))
+ supd_directory=os.path.join(self.pidantic_dir, eeagent_name),
+ heartbeat=eeagent.get('heartbeat'))
# Start Pyon Process Dispatchers
self.pyon_process_dispatchers = deployment.get('pyon-process-dispatchers', {})
@@ -558,7 +559,7 @@ def _build_process_dispatcher_config(self, exchange, name, config,
def _start_eeagent(self, name, process_dispatcher, launch_type,
pyon_directory=None, logfile=None, exe_name="eeagent", slots=None,
- system_name=None, supd_directory=None):
+ system_name=None, supd_directory=None, heartbeat=None):
"""Starts an eeagent with SupervisorD
@param name: Name of process dispatcher to start
@@ -570,13 +571,14 @@ def _start_eeagent(self, name, process_dispatcher, launch_type,
@param exe_name: the name of the eeagent executable
@param slots: the number of slots available for processes
@param system_name: pyon system name
+ @param heartbeat: how often heartbeat is sent
""""Starting EEAgent '%s'" % name)
config_file = self._build_eeagent_config(, name,
process_dispatcher, launch_type, pyon_directory,
logfile=logfile, slots=slots, supd_directory=supd_directory,
- system_name=system_name)
+ system_name=system_name, heartbeat=heartbeat)
cmd = "%s %s" % (exe_name, config_file)
pid = self.factory.get_pidantic(command=cmd, process_name=name,
directory=self.pidantic_dir, autorestart=True)
@@ -584,7 +586,7 @@ def _start_eeagent(self, name, process_dispatcher, launch_type,
def _build_eeagent_config(self, exchange, name, process_dispatcher,
launch_type, pyon_directory=None, logfile=None, supd_directory=None,
- slots=None, system_name=None):
+ slots=None, system_name=None, heartbeat=None):
"""Builds a yaml config file to feed to the eeagent
@param exchange: the AMQP exchange the service should be on
@@ -596,6 +598,7 @@ def _build_eeagent_config(self, exchange, name, process_dispatcher,
@param logfile: the log file for the eeagent
@param slots: the number of slots available for processes
@param system_name: pyon system name
+ @param heartbeat: how often heartbeat is sent
if not logfile:
logfile = "/dev/null"
@@ -613,6 +616,9 @@ def _build_eeagent_config(self, exchange, name, process_dispatcher,
if not slots:
slots = 8
+ if not heartbeat:
+ heartbeat = 30
except OSError:
@@ -625,6 +631,7 @@ def _build_eeagent_config(self, exchange, name, process_dispatcher,
'eeagent': {
'name': name,
'slots': slots,
+ 'heartbeat': heartbeat,
'launch_type': {
'name': launch_type,
'supd_directory': supd_directory,
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