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Adapting to new epu-killer rpc

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1 parent 0db701a commit 73b88bf06420c6b9562c463d7ee0559ab6dbcf53 @timf timf committed Jul 5, 2011
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@@ -13,14 +13,13 @@ def terminate(p, c, m, run_name, cloudinitd):
c.log.warn("Problem with access to the services, cannot terminate workers without this channel")"Killing only the cloudinit.d-launched nodes.")
- if not m.remote_svc_adapter.kill_all_workers():
+"Terminating all workers in run '%s'" % run_name)
+ if m.remote_svc_adapter.kill_all_workers():
+"Terminated all workers in run '%s'" % run_name)
+ else:
raise UnexpectedError("Problem triggering worker termination, you need to make sure these are terminated manually!")
- # TODO: here, we need to make sure the provisioner is done killing things with some mechanism like RPC.
- # This will require some thought and design. For now, this happens fairly instantly if
- # the IaaS service is available, etc. But we should know for sure before proceeding.
-"Sent signal to the provisioner, waiting for it to terminate all workers in run '%s'" % run_name)
- time.sleep(5)
+"Shutting down all services launched by cloudinit.d for '%s'" % run_name)
# Need a different instantiation of cloudinitd for shutdown
cloudinitd_terminate = get_cloudinit_for_destruction(p, c, m, run_name)

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