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Michael Meisinger
Michael Meisinger committed Oct 5, 2010
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@@ -148,9 +148,12 @@ Change log:
activate() -> READY -> terminate() -> TERMINATED
- BaseProcess (and subclasses), Receiver, ProcessDesc, Container etc are all
+- BaseProcess now waits to activate the receiver until in ACTIVE state. Before,
+ code can do RPC, but not receive messages on the process id
- Massively enhanced the capability container API. Delegated the actual
implementation to manager classes: proc, exchange, app manager
-- Refactored the way processes are spawned
+- Refactored the way processes are spawned. Refactored ProcessDesc to use the
+ new container API.
- Message headers now contain status code for every message. 'OK is the default
and 'ERROR' is set on error
- BaseProcess.rpc_send now raises a ReceivedError in case the RPC comes back

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