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changed readme; make sure to update and install latest magnet

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@@ -31,13 +31,10 @@ Alternatively from shell executing a script:
twistd -n magnet -h res/scripts/
-Start a test case by executing within the CC shell:
- from ion import ts
- ts.start()
-Run all test cases
+Run trial test cases (recursively)
+ trial ion.core
+ trial
trial ion
@@ -72,3 +69,10 @@ Get the latest version of the repository, if you haven't already.
git clone # need ooi credential
(cd magnet; git checkout -b space origin/space)
(cd magnet; python install)
+This project dependes closely on magnet. Whenever you do a "git pull" on
+this project, there is a chance that you need to update and install magnet
+again (see above). Please review the branch logs for any cues.

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