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@@ -49,6 +49,20 @@ Run trial test cases (recursively)
trial ion.core
+A good learning example is the HelloService
+ trial
+Or in the CC shell:
+ from import hello_service
+ spawn(hello_service)
+ send(1, {'op':'hello','content':'Hello you there!'})
+ from import HelloServiceClient
+ hc = HelloServiceClient()
+ hc.hello()
Install the dependencies: Magnet (see Magnet's Readme)
@@ -77,22 +91,21 @@ carrot (use txamqp branch)
(cd carrot; git checkout -b txamqp origin/txamqp)
(cd carrot; python install)
-Install the Magnet package [NEED Magent 0.3.3]:
+Install the Magnet package [NEED Magent 0.3.4] (use master branch)
Get the latest version of the repository, if you haven't already.
git clone git:// # no ooi credential
# OR
git clone # need ooi credential
- (cd magnet; git checkout -b space origin/space)
(cd magnet; python install)
This project dependes closely on magnet. Whenever you do a "git pull" on
this project, there is a chance that you need to update and install magnet
-again (see above). Please review the branch logs for any cues.
+again (see above). Please review the branch logs for any hints.
@@ -119,6 +132,7 @@ Change log:
- Less verbose trace output for process init messages and changes to other
trace output as well.
- Changed BaseServiceClient and tests. Initializer arguments different.
+- Using master branch of magnet now
- Based on entries in config files, service process modules are sought and
loaded in order to collect the service process declarations. This enables

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