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Document how to use iaas/iaas_url variables

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@@ -108,10 +108,29 @@ be run on is set at the service level. Thus a cloudinit.d application
108 108 can run across many clouds. It is entirely possible (and encouraged) to
109 109 have an application launched with cloudinit.d such that some services are
110 110 in a private cloud and others are in a public cloud. Right now cloudinit.d
111   -works on EC2, Nimbus, and Eucalyptus. It has a very modular interface that
112   -will allow us to quickly add other infrastructure cloud types so we expect
113   -that list to grow quickly.
  111 +works on EC2, Nimbus, and Eucalyptus using the Boto library, and on many other
  112 +clouds using the libcloud library.
114 113
  114 +Selecting a cloud is done using the ``iaas`` and ``iaas_url`` variables. If
  115 +only a ``iaas`` value is provided and it does not start with ``libcloud-``, it
  116 +is treated as the region name for Boto. If ``iaas_url`` is provided, it is
  117 +treated as the cloud API endpoint. In this case the value of ``iaas`` does not
  118 +matter, unless it starts with ``libcloud-``. If you want cloudinit.d to use
  119 +Libcloud, set ``iaas`` to ``libcloud-<libcloud driver>`` and ``iaas_url`` to
  120 +the cloud API endpoint.
  121 +
  122 +To use the EU region of Amazon EC2:
  123 +
  124 + iaas: eu-west-1
  125 +
  126 +To use the Nimbus cloud in FutureGrid Hotel:
  127 +
  128 + iaas_url:
  129 +
  130 +To use the Nimbus libcloud driver:
  131 +
  132 + iaas: libcloud-nimbus
  133 + iaas_url:
115 134
116 135 Dependencies
117 136 ============

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