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@@ -96,48 +96,3 @@ How can I get a FutureGrid account?
You can apply for a `FutureGrid <>`_ account
`here <>`_.
-What are the planned future features?
-In the near future we will add a set of common sensors that will make
-auto-scaling an application trivial. We will also add automated
-VM contextualization. We have many other useful features planned and you
-can follow our progress on `GitHub <>`_.
-What is the REST API service?
-The REST service API is a AWS Auto-scaling Service clone. It implements
-the same protocol, and thus allows you to use the same clients, however
-it does have some minor semantic differences.
-What is the EPUM?
-The EPU Management Service is an internal component of the scaling service.
-The EPUM is responsible for creating, monitoring,
-and destroying all of the Deployable Units under its control. This
-service evaluates sensor data (such as VM life cycle and health state)
-against policies, and regulates the population of a domain by deploying or
-terminating additional VMs.
-What is the provisioner?
-The provisioner is an internal component of the scaling service that
-communicates with compute clouds.
-The task of the Provisioner is to deploy and contextualize VMs, terminate
-them as needed, and keep track of the life cycle state.
-What is the DTRS?
-The Deployable Type Registry Service (DTRS) is an internal component
-of the scaling service that
-stores information relating to a users launch configuration.
-DTRS is a key/value store that
-maps DT identifiers into launchable data. It contains a VM image name
-(or identifier), a cloud instance type (like m1.small, m1.large), and
-a keyname.

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