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e67e26b project specific .gitignore
Tim Freeman authored
1 *.pyc
2 *.iml
3 *.ipr
4 *.iws
855e46b @clemesha-ooi small additions to the create user/cert functionality.
clemesha-ooi authored
5 *.swp
e67e26b project specific .gitignore
Tim Freeman authored
6 build/
7 dist/
5ef3ae2 ignore autocontainer build dirs
Tim Freeman authored
8 autocontainer/downloads/
9 autocontainer/gt/
cb15b96 @labisso Moved ProcessManager to more sensible location.
labisso authored
10 web/lib/python/cherrypy/
11 web/lib/python/django/
72a257e These rules get rid of most of the noise in "git status" when working…
Tim Freeman authored
12 web/lib/java/
13 web/src/
14 web/src/python/nimbusweb/portal/
15 web/src/python/nimbusweb/portal/
16 web/var/
7644b70 @timf log files clog up git status
timf authored
17 control/var/workspace-control/logs/wclog*
8d162a5 @labisso Derby litters logfiles around. Ignore.
labisso authored
18 derby.log
c122405 @labisso Bugfixes for installation and nimbusctl scripts.
labisso authored
19 bin/tmp/
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