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from commands import getstatusoutput
import os
import string
from propagate_adapter import PropagationAdapter
from workspacecontrol.api.exceptions import *
import propagate_scp
import urlparse
import workspacecontrol.main.wc_args as wc_args
import socket
import uuid
class LantorrentPropadapter(propagate_scp.propadapter):
def __init__(self, params, common):
propagate_scp.propadapter.__init__(self, params, common)
self.ssh = None
self.ltport = None
self.ltip = None
self.scheme = "lantorrent://"
def validate(self):
# validate scp adaptor
self.c.log.debug("validating lantorrent propagation adapter")
self.ltip = self.p.get_conf_or_none("propagation", "lantorrentip")
if not self.ltip:
self.ltip = ""
self.ltport = self.p.get_conf_or_none("propagation", "lantorrentport")
self.ltport = int(self.ltport)
if not self.ltport:
self.ltport = 5893
self.ssh = self.p.get_conf_or_none("propagation", "ssh")
if not self.ssh:
raise InvalidConfig("no path to ssh")
if os.path.isabs(self.scp):
if not os.access(self.scp, os.F_OK):
raise InvalidConfig("SSH is configured with an absolute path, but it does not seem to exist: '%s'" % self.ssh)
if not os.access(self.scp, os.X_OK):
raise InvalidConfig("SSH is configured with an absolute path, but it does not seem executable: '%s'" % self.ssh)
self.c.log.debug("SSH configured: %s" % self.ssh)
self.sshuser = self.p.get_conf_or_none("propagation", "ssh_user")
if self.sshuser:
self.c.log.debug("SSH default user: %s" % self.sshuser)
self.c.log.debug("no SSH default user")
def translate_to_scp(self, imagestr):
if imagestr[:len(self.scheme)] != self.scheme:
raise InvalidInput("scp trans invalid lantorrent url, not %s %s" % (self.scheme, imagestr))
url = "scp://" + imagestr[len(self.scheme):]
url_a = url.split("?")
return url_a[0]
def validate_unpropagate_target(self, imagestr):
imagestr = self.translate_to_scp(imagestr)
propagate_scp.propadapter.validate_unpropagate_target(self, imagestr)
def unpropagate(self, local_absolute_source, remote_target):
remote_target = self.translate_to_scp(remote_target)
propagate_scp.propadapter.unpropagate(self, local_absolute_source, remote_target)
def validate_propagate_source(self, imagestr):
# will throw errors if invalid
self._lt_command("fake", imagestr)
def propagate(self, remote_source, local_absolute_target):"lantorrent propagation - remote source: %s" % remote_source)"lantorrent propagation - local target: %s" % local_absolute_target)
cmd = self._lt_command(local_absolute_target, remote_source)"Running lantorrent command: %s" % cmd)
ret,output = getstatusoutput(cmd)
if ret:
errmsg = "problem running command: '%s' ::: return code" % cmd
errmsg += ": %d ::: output:\n%s" % (ret, output)
raise UnexpectedError(errmsg)"Transfer complete.")
def _lt_command(self, local, remote):
Remote url: lantorrent://hostname:port/path.
if remote[:len(self.scheme)] != self.scheme:
raise InvalidInput("get command invalid lantorrent url, not %s %s" % (self.scheme, remote))
ra = remote.split("?", 1)
if len(ra) != 2:
raise InvalidInput("invalid lantorrent url, %s. It must contain parameters the remoteexe" % (remote))
url = ra[0]
lt_exe = ra[1]
up = urlparse.urlparse(url)
xfer_host = up.hostname
xfer_user = up.username
xfer_port = int(up.port)
if xfer_port == None:
xfer_port = 22
xfer_path = up.path
if xfer_user:"allowing client to specify this account: %s" % xfer_user)
self.c.log.debug("client did not specify account")
# if default is not specified, we just uses current account
if self.sshuser:
self.c.log.debug("using the default ssh account")
xfer_user = self.sshuser
self.c.log.debug("using the program runner for ssh account")
if xfer_user:
xfer_user = xfer_user + "@"
xfer_user = ""
rid = str(uuid.uuid1())
cmd = self.ssh + " -p %d %s%s %s %s %s %s:%d" % (xfer_port, xfer_user, xfer_host, lt_exe, xfer_path, local, rid, self.ltip, self.ltport)
self.c.log.debug("lantorrent command %s " % (cmd))
return cmd
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