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_NIMBUS_HEADER(2.10 Developer Resources)
<h2>Developer Resources (2.10)</h2>
To learn how to make Nimbus components behave differently (beyond
configuration), see the <a href="../plugins/index.html">Extensibility
To learn about source control, including where to view the source online,
see <a href="sccs.html">Source control</a>.
This section also contains information on making
<a href="docs.html">documentation changes</a> and
<a href="releases.html">new releases</a>.
To learn how the release process is structured, see the
<a href="">Release Policies and Procedures</a> wiki page.
You <b>can contribute</b> without a vote to bring you in as a full committer and many
do. All that is necessary is that you sign a
<a href="">contributor's license</a>
which allows us to freely distribute your contributions. Your git
author information is preserved in the repository, you just don't
have free reign in this situation.
You will get access to the Nimbus contributor chatroom and any amount
of praise and encouragement you can handle :-)
The best place to "dive in" to working with Nimbus (whether it be to
contribute something or to customize something for your own purpose) is
by learning to run the <a href="testing.html">test suites</a>.
Run some of the unit suites. Change
some behavior and run them again and see what happens. Try it with the
debugger and step through how some of the code flows. Make a quick
contribution by writing a new test!
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