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# ******************************************************************* #
# 3-data scripts have filenames that correspond to data names in the #
# context. If this node is told it requires data 'xyz' and a script #
# in the 3-data directory bears the name 'xyz' then it is called. #
# The data value has already been written out to a temporary file. #
# The absolute path of that file is given as argument $1 to this #
# script for you to do as you please. #
# ******************************************************************* #
RELDIR=`dirname $0`
ABSDIR=`cd $RELDIR; pwd`
echo "Hello from \"$ABSDIR/$0\""
echo ""
echo "Filename with data value: $1"
echo "This is being used as an example of how one could do a trigger. The "
echo "presence of this data in the context tells us to indeed start the "
echo "container."
# This "sends a message" to another script:
touch /root/do_startcontainer
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