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#!/usr/bin/env python
import ConfigParser
import optparse
import os
import sys
# see docurl()
CONFIGSECTION = 'nimbusversion'
# required
major: 2
minor: 5
patch: 0
docversion: 2.5
commit: 76202cc04b50cac0086115c95df26fb49016cddd
# optional
rc: RC2
buildtime: UTC_2010-07-13_19.14.29
class ARGS:
"""Class for command-line argument constants"""
MAJORMINOR_LONG = "--majorminor"
MAJORMINOR_HELP = "Just the major.minor fields"
FULLVERSION_LONG = "--fullversion"
FULLVERSION_HELP = "Prints x.y.z (if z is 0, just x.y)"
MAJOR_LONG = "--major"
MAJOR_HELP = "Just the major field"
MINOR_LONG = "--minor"
MINOR_HELP = "Just the minor field"
PATCH_LONG = "--patch"
PATCH_HELP = "Just the patch field"
RC_LONG = "--rc"
RC_HELP = "Just the RC version, exits non-zero if there is none"
DOCVERSION_LONG = "--docversion"
DOCVERSION_HELP = "Just the docversion"
ADMINGUIDE_HELP = "Just the admin guide URL"
COMMIT_LONG = "--commit"
COMMIT_HELP = "Just the commit this was based on"
TIME_LONG = "--buildtime"
TIME_HELP = "Just build time, exits non-zero if there is none"
def parsersetup():
"""Return configured command-line parser."""
ver = "Nimbus Version: Infinity and Beyond"
usage = "Select action or provide no argument for friendly message. See help (-h)."
parser = optparse.OptionParser(version=ver, usage=usage)
parser.add_option(ARGS.MAJORMINOR_LONG, action="store_true", default=False,
dest="majorminor", help=ARGS.MAJORMINOR_HELP)
parser.add_option(ARGS.FULLVERSION_LONG, action="store_true", default=False,
dest="fullversion", help=ARGS.FULLVERSION_HELP)
parser.add_option(ARGS.MAJOR_LONG, action="store_true", default=False,
dest="major", help=ARGS.MAJOR_HELP)
parser.add_option(ARGS.MINOR_LONG, action="store_true", default=False,
dest="minor", help=ARGS.MINOR_HELP)
parser.add_option(ARGS.PATCH_LONG, action="store_true", default=False,
dest="patch", help=ARGS.PATCH_HELP)
parser.add_option(ARGS.RC_LONG, action="store_true", default=False,
dest="rc", help=ARGS.RC_HELP)
parser.add_option(ARGS.DOCVERSION_LONG, action="store_true", default=False,
dest="docversion", help=ARGS.DOCVERSION_HELP)
parser.add_option(ARGS.TIME_LONG, action="store_true", default=False,
dest="buildtime", help=ARGS.TIME_HELP)
parser.add_option(ARGS.COMMIT_LONG, action="store_true", default=False,
dest="commit", help=ARGS.COMMIT_HELP)
parser.add_option(ARGS.ADMINGUIDE_LONG, action="store_true", default=False,
dest="guide", help=ARGS.ADMINGUIDE_HELP)
return parser
def validateargs(opts):
seeh = "see help (-h)"
actions = 0
for action in [ opts.majorminor, opts.fullversion, opts.major, opts.minor, opts.patch, opts.rc, opts.docversion, opts.commit, ]:
if action:
actions += 1
if actions > 1:
raise Exception("Select only one action (or use no args for friendly message)")
def _get(config, key, required=True):
item = config.get(CONFIGSECTION, key)
return item.strip()
if required:
raise Exception("Missing required configuration '%s'" % key)
return None
def friendlymsg(config):
print "Nimbus Version: %s" % fullversion(config)
print "Documentation: %s" % adminguide(config)
print "Git: %s" % _get(config, "commit")
rc = _get(config, "rc", required=False)
if rc:
print "\nWarning: this is a release candidate, not a stable release."
def fullversion(config):
major = _get(config, "major")
minor = _get(config, "minor")
patch = _get(config, "patch", required=False)
v = ""
if int(patch) == 0:
v = "%s.%s" % (major, minor)
v = "%s.%s.%s" % (major, minor, patch)
rc = _get(config, "rc", required=False)
if rc:
return v + rc
return v
def docurl(config, tail):
"""Generic method to combine docversion and doc tail with the base URL
config -- Valid ".nimbusversion" config
tail -- The part of the documentation URL after the docversion that you
require. Must not start with "/". Example: "admin/reference.html"
return "%s%s/%s" % (DOCURL_BASE, _get(config, "docversion"), tail)
def adminguide(config):
return docurl(config, GUIDE_TAIL)
def parsetarname(name):
"""Return (major, minor, patch, rc) based on tarball name"""
n = name.strip()
if not n:
raise Exception("invalid name: '%s'" % name)
prefix = "nimbus-iaas-"
suffix = "-src.tar.gz"
if not n.startswith(prefix):
raise Exception("does not start with %s" % prefix)
if not n.endswith(suffix):
raise Exception("does not end with %s" % suffix)
version = n[len(prefix):]
version = version[:-len(suffix)]
return _parsefullversion(version)
def newconfig(major, minor, patch, rc):
"""NOT COMPLETE: the installer will have to insert such a line:
commit: 76202cc04b50cac0086115c95df26fb49016cddd"""
conf = """[nimbusversion]
major: %d
minor: %d
patch: %d
docversion: %d.%d
""" % (major, minor, patch, major, minor)
if rc:
conf = conf + "rc: %s\n" % rc
return conf
def _legalversion(major, minor, patch, rc):
if not isinstance(major, int):
raise Exception("suspicious major version: %s" % str(major))
if major < 2:
raise Exception("suspicious major version: %d" % major)
if not isinstance(minor, int):
raise Exception("suspicious minor version: %s" % str(minor))
if minor < 0:
raise Exception("suspicious minor version: %d" % minor)
if not isinstance(patch, int):
raise Exception("suspicious patch version: %s" % str(patch))
if patch < 0:
raise Exception("suspicious patch version: %d" % patch)
if rc:
if not isinstance(rc, str):
raise Exception("suspicious rc part: %s" % str(rc))
if not rc.startswith("RC"):
raise Exception("suspicious rc part: %s" % rc)
def _parsefullversion(version):
version = version.strip()
major = -1
minor = -1
patch = 0
rc = None
rcidx = version.rfind("RC")
if rcidx >= 0:
if rcidx == 0:
raise Exception("version cannot start with RC: '%s'" % version)
rc = version[rcidx:]
if len(rc) == 2:
raise Exception("has RC but no RC version: '%s'" % version)
version = version[:rcidx]
# version should now only contain x.y or x.y.z
parts = version.split(".")
if len(parts) == 3:
major = int(parts[0])
minor = int(parts[1])
patch = int(parts[2])
if patch <= 0:
raise Exception("patch level cannot be explicitly 0: '%s'" % version)
elif len(parts) == 2:
major = int(parts[0])
minor = int(parts[1])
raise Exception("version is not legal: '%s'" % version)
_legalversion(major, minor, patch, rc)
return (major, minor, patch, rc)
def main(argv=None):
parser = parsersetup()
if argv:
(opts, args) = parser.parse_args(argv[1:])
(opts, args) = parser.parse_args()
# it thinks -h should be exit(0)
return 1
nh = os.getenv("NIMBUS_HOME")
if not nh:
raise Exception("Requires that NIMBUS_HOME is set.")
if not os.path.exists(nh):
raise Exception("NIMBUS_HOME does not exist: %s" % nh)
conf = os.path.join(nh, "libexec/.nimbusversion")
if not os.path.exists(conf):
raise Exception("Version information does not exist: %s\nYou probably installed from the code repository." % conf)
print >>sys.stderr, sys.exc_value
return 2
config = ConfigParser.SafeConfigParser()
if opts.majorminor:
major = _get(config, "major")
minor = _get(config, "minor")
print "%s.%s" % (major, minor)
elif opts.fullversion:
print fullversion(config)
elif opts.major:
print _get(config, "major")
elif opts.minor:
print _get(config, "minor")
elif opts.patch:
print _get(config, "patch")
elif opts.rc:
rc = _get(config, "rc", required=False)
if rc:
print rc
return 3
elif opts.buildtime:
time = _get(config, "buildtime", required=False)
if time:
print time
return 3
elif opts.docversion:
print _get(config, "docversion")
elif opts.commit:
print _get(config, "commit")
print adminguide(config)
exception_type = sys.exc_type
exceptname = exception_type.__name__
except AttributeError:
exceptname = exception_type
name = str(exceptname)
err = str(sys.exc_value)
errmsg = "%s: %s" % (name, err)
print >>sys.stderr, errmsg
return 2
return 0
if __name__ == "__main__":
# hidden argument to support the make-dist process, not for users
if len(sys.argv) == 3:
if sys.argv[1] == "--tar":
(major, minor, patch, rc) = parsetarname(sys.argv[2])
newconf = newconfig(major, minor, patch, rc)
print newconf
def test_parsetarname():
tars = { "nimbus-2.5RC1.9-src.tar.gz": (2, 5, 0, "RC1.9"),
"nimbus-2.4-src.tar.gz": (2, 4, 0, None),
"nimbus-2.4.2-src.tar.gz": (2, 4, 2, None),
"nimbus-2.5.2RC2-src.tar.gz": (2, 5, 2, "RC2"),
"nimbus-3.0-src.tar.gz": (3, 0, 0, None),
"nimbus-3.0RCsomething-src.tar.gz": (3, 0, 0, "RCsomething"),
for (tarname,tup) in tars.items():
(major, minor, patch, rc) = parsetarname(tarname)
assert major == tup[0]
assert minor == tup[1]
assert patch == tup[2]
assert rc == tup[3]
def test_badparsetarname():
badnames = [ "nimbus-2.5R2-src.tar.gz",
for tarname in badnames:
invalid_input = False
invalid_input = True
print tarname
assert invalid_input
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