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import os
import sys
import string
from datetime import datetime
from random import Random
from django.contrib.auth.models import User
from django.db import IntegrityError
from django.conf import settings
from dateutil.relativedelta import *
from nimbusrest.admin.connection import AdminConnection
def create_user(dn, cert, key, username, email, firstname, lastname):
Returns (error_text, new_user, success_token)
password = _generate_initial_password()
user = User.objects.create_user(username, email, password)
except IntegrityError:
return ("Username is taken already", user, None)
user.first_name = firstname
user.last_name = lastname
user.dn = dn #XXX hack
nimbus_user = nimbus_user_create_remote(user)
access_key_obj = nimbus_user.generate_access_key()
query_id, query_secret = access_key_obj.key, access_key_obj.secret
print "[create_user] nimbus_user => ", nimbus_user
token = _generate_login_key()
_insert_user_profile_data(user, token=token, cert=cert, key=key, query_id=query_id, query_secret=query_secret)
return (None, user, token)
def _insert_user_profile_data(user, token=None, cert=None, key=None, query_id=None, query_secret=None):
'user' is a Django User instance.
profile = user.get_profile()
profile.initial_login_key = token
profile.cert = cert
profile.certkey = key
profile.query_id = query_id
profile.query_secret = query_secret
now =
expire_hours = int(settings.NIMBUS_TOKEN_EXPIRE_HOURS)
profile.login_key_expires = now + relativedelta(hours=+expire_hours)
return profile
def nimbus_user_create_remote(user_instance):
"""Use the Nimbus API to register a new Nimbus User.
`user_instance` is a `Django User` instance.
nimbus_key = getattr(settings, "NIMBUS_KEY", "testadmin")
nimbus_secret = getattr(settings, "NIMBUS_SECRET", "secret")
service_uri = getattr(settings, "NIMBUS_SERVICE_URI", "https://localhost:4443/admin")
conn = AdminConnection(service_uri, nimbus_key, nimbus_secret)
nimbus_user = conn.add_user(user_instance)
return nimbus_user
def _generate_initial_password():
okchars = string.letters + string.digits + "!@%^_&*+-"
okchars += okchars
password = ''.join( Random().sample(okchars, 50))
# double check what we're getting from foreign function
if len(password) < 50:
raise Exception("Could not create initial password") #XXX
return password
def _generate_login_key():
okchars = string.letters + string.digits + "_-"
okchars += okchars
token = ''.join(Random().sample(okchars, 80)).replace(" ", "_")
return token
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