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[*] Allowed cloud-client to work if base directory has spaces
[*] Allow cloud-client to download public VM images
[*] Added an option to disable the upload spinner
[*] Made it so an error is returned when a certificate is set that
does not exist
[*] Expand "~/" for options like nimbus.cert
[*] Fixed history tracking issue when more than 100 VMs are launched:
[*] Changed the default settings in jets3t that caused a timeout if the
socket was idle for more than 60 seconds. Some machines flush their
cache on close and if they have a lot of memory it can exceed this
timeout. This lead to an infite repeat of the upload.
[*] Made the spinner update less frequently (once per second). This cause
less noise on the network for remote users.
[*] Allowed the progress bar to reach 100% instead of staying at 99%
[*] Fixed a bug when running common images from cumulus.
[*] Fixed need to have a grid proxy when running --save and key is
[*] nimbus.cert and nimbus.key properties are now resolved relative
to the properties file they are read from, if they are not
absolute paths.
[*] Better error reporting
[*] Fixed incorrect timestamp print.
[*] Introduces Cumulus/S3 support using the Jets3t library.
[*] When using Cumulus support, the credentials for this are in the file directly, so it needs to be protected.
[*] Introduced which is a copy of distributed
[*] Removed Teraport-specific, the distributed does not work with any cloud out of the box.
[*] Added support for core count to, administrator would
usually recommend the number to use.
[*] When using the cloud client, you may now export NIMBUS_X509_TRUSTED_CERTS
to override using the lib/certs directory. This is intentionally different
than X509_CERT_DIR in order to allow coexistence with 'grid' software
[*] Added support for using unencrypted keys directly instead of needing to
run proxy-init. The properties 'nimbus.cert' and 'nimbus.key' are consulted
first if they exist, then a normal grid proxy search is made, then ~/.nimbus
is consulted for an unencrypted usercert.pem and userkey.pem (which will be
the most typical/recommended situation), then ~/.globus.
See the README for details.
[*] New flag "--print-cxt-status" (see "--extrahelp") to find out the contextualization
status of each node in the cluster.
[*] Scripts use /bin/bash exclusively now.
[*] Now fails early when known_hosts file is unknown or nonexistent
[*] Fixed the "--conf" argument for overriding the conf location, the previous
cloud client release broke this behavior (the fix for Bug 6873).
[*] Friendlier unpropagation message
[*] Updated the default trusted X509 certificates. Now includes FutureGrid,
GridShib and BIRN CAs. Other updates via IGTF accredited CA distribution.
[*] Added name of image to output of --status
[*] Added warning when libgcj is detected
[*] Fixed bug with handling of spaces in cluster names
[*] Fixed misleading argument parsing
[*] Corrected sample cluster xml files
[*] Added --kernel option. If you have coordinated with your administrator to
use an alternate kernel, use this option to activate it.
[*] Fixed bug in argument handling for --broker-url and --broker-id (bug6732)
[*] Added new meta-cloud-client that supports deploying a cluster across
multiple clouds.
[*] Added properties for context broker URL and identity. These simplify
launching workspaces at one site while using a context broker at
[*] A lone invocation of "--status" (which prints all your currently running
instances) will now print the associated cloud handle of each workspace.
[*] Java 1.5 (Java 5) is now a requirement
[*] Support for "new style" contextualization (Nimbus TP2.2). If you are
using a previously created cluster image you will need to use an older
cloud client to launch it unless you update the onboard ctx-agent.
The TP2.2 service side is backwards compatible with the "old style"
contextualization but the cloud client only supports the new one.
** You can only use this against Nimbus TP2.1 installations if you are
not using contextualization **
[*] Support for contextualizing easily with EC2 resources. See the output of
"--extrahelp" for the new "--ec2script" option. Sample EC2 cluster.xml
file is @ "samples/ec2basecluster.xml"
This will take care of the context broker interactions for you and give
you a suggested set of EC2 commands to run (including files for metadata)
for the virtual cluster to contextualize while running on EC2.
[*] Fixed bug in the "lib/" script, the X509_CERT_DIR
variable was being set incorrectly.
[*] Altered the default "conf/" file to point to new endpoints
for the Nimbus cloud.
[*] Added Purdue CA certificates to lib/certs {67e8acfa.0, 95009ddc.0}
[*] Added cluster and contextualization support. New "--cluster" option,
see samples directory for sample cluster definition files.
See quickstart:
[*] Added "--usage" (-u) option to give a short syntax reminder for people
already familiar with the cloud client. The "--help" option is
still the first place to look for getting started.
[*] Added ./bin/ that works right out of the box.
[*] Also added ./bin/, ./bin/, and
[*] Added support for image compression/decompression
[*] Cleaned up "--list" output. Main enhancement is distinguishing the
read-only template images from your own read/write images.
[*] Added "--networks" option to view available networks for clusters
[*] Distributing the most common trusted grid certificates (IGTF, TG/OSG,
and DOE related). This makes the embedded certificates directory
more useful.
[*] No longer adding the embedded certificate directory to the trusted
directory list. Instead, the launch scripts are setting it as the only
certificate directory via the X509_CERT_DIR environment variable.
[*] Added the ./lib/ program for advanced/scripted uses.
[*] Added the samples directory and ./lib/ program
to support the new "--cluster" option (see the cluster quickstart).
[*] Doesn't complain if history directory is missing, auto-creates directory.
This allows you to run "rm -rf history" to clean up.
[*] Fixed bug that prevented "--run" working with "--newname". That
combination makes save-to-repository the default shutdown action (see
[*] Added "--download" and "--delete" (see help).
[*] Added "--save" and "--newname" (see help).
[*] Removed bin/ and bin/, incorporating them as sub-
commands of bin/
[*] Cosmetic fix on error strings.
[*] Clarified help text: image repository is not shared.
--list shows images you have access to run
--transfer will put images in your personal directory
[*] Fix for strange DNS situations (set default for all actions:
identity authorization preferred over host based).
[*] Initial release.
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