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<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
Default Spring configuration for Nimbus.
This contains an implementation configuration that:
a) Doesn't actually accomplish anything
b) Performs no I/O except logging
c) Is helpful for learning about the overall architecture
d) Is helpful for developing/testing/debugging (in some cases)
This can also be used as a template for adding in various real
implementations, although a working config from a deployment might
serve you better for that.
<beans xmlns=""
rm.Manager implementation
<bean id="nimbus-rm.manager"
<constructor-arg ref="nimbus-repr.ReprFactory"/>
<constructor-arg ref="nimbus-rm.BasicLegality"/>
rm.BasicLegality implementation
<bean id="nimbus-rm.BasicLegality"
class="" />
brain.ModuleLocator implementation
For use from above to find key modules, where "above" in almost all
cases means a container (the remote messaging layer). Those cannot be
served by dependency injection (or if they happened to be, would be a
different application context unless you took time to integrate
<bean id="nimbus-brain.ModuleLocator"
<lookup-method name="getManager" bean="nimbus-rm.manager"/>
<lookup-method name="getReprFactory" bean="nimbus-repr.ReprFactory"/>
representation classes are broken out
<import resource="repr.xml"/>
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