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# One way to do to launch the context agent at boot is to put this in
# the "rc.local" file or equivalent. Another way is to make an init
# script, but one nice property of the "rc.local" style method is that
# those are almost always rigged to run last which is usually what you'd
# like to do. With an init script, you'd need to fuss with ordering.
# NOTE: this requires the network. We have seen that some Linux
# distributions do not bring up the network before calling rc.local tasks.
# Inside the ctx-agent script is a while+sleep loop that will
# wait forever until the network is up.
sh /opt/nimbus/ctx-scripts/ &>/dev/null
sh /opt/nimbus/ctx/ &>/dev/null
# Note that you can start the context agent without fear of system alteration
# if the bootstrap file is missing. If you did not boot the VM with
# contextualization, the query to the metadata server (for the bootstrap user-data)
# will fail and the agent will just exit. This allows you to leave the
# rc.local entry while you boot into "maintenance" mode to adjust something
# then save back to repository.
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